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Why Your Company Needs a System Independent Enterprise Content Model


Are you looking for a way to increase content flexibility and efficiency while maintaining consistency across channels? Join Cruce Saunders on the Headless Creator podcast where they explore the full picture of enterprise Content Models.

You'll gain valuable insights and key takeaways that will help you revolutionize the way your organization approaches digital content.

The Business Case Includes:

  • Content Models exist in any digital property, enabling portability, flexibility, and compose ability for digital experiences and products
  • Content Models allow organizations to become more aware of the operations occurring behind the scenes, drive efficiency, and better customer interactions
  • By creating a single source of truth, Content Models maintain consistency across channels and reduce content debt, making redesigns easier
  • Implementing standardized terminology requires a team and budget, as well as education and agreement between stakeholders across teams
  • Content Models reduce friction across the content supply chain, improve customer experiences, increase the velocity of work, and add capabilities that increase customer value
  • Success requires allocating funding, creating a dedicated orchestration team (Content Services Organization), enabling and sharing resources, aligning designers with the model, and providing internal marketing and education that promotes a shared language among stakeholders
  • Implementing Content Models taps into untapped efficiency gains, system-wide improvements, and new market channels and opportunities
  • Content Models are foundational to dynamic conversational interfaces (AI and chatbots).
  • Content Models incorporate existing standards for interoperability of content(, Darwin Information Type Architecture, and Dublin Core)

Empowering creators and providing structure without shackles requires assigning dedicated teams and allocating funding, as well as breaking down silos and fostering open dialogue. By doing so, organizations can tap into untapped efficiency gains, reduce friction, and build an integrated customer experience that adds value and drives growth. So why wait? Sign up for the Headless Creator today and start transforming your content initiatives today!

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