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Webinar: How to improve CX with Semantic Services

Webinar: How to improve CX with Semantic Services

Semantic Systems for Customer Experience Publishing

05/19, 10:00 AM

Mike Doane and Cruce Saunders of [A] will present “Semantic Systems for Customer Experience Publishing” on May 19 2021 10:00 am, Pacific Time. This will be the first multiple webinar of 2021 hosted live by the Content Wrangler. Register here to watch the event live and gain acces too the full webinar after the broadcast.

Organizations are too often overlooking the impact semantic practices have in enabling next-generation customer experiences. Smart personalization and controlled content reuse flourish using this worthwhile and ultimately, necessary investment. See how semantic systems power publishing workflows and generate recurring value for customers and teams.

Join us for this free, one-hour presentation as we walk through the role of semantic platforms within an effective content supply chain. 

Cruce Saunders and Mike Doane will lay out the benefits of dedicated semantic practices and describe where your organization or team can start this process. 

Key takeaways:
  • How semantic systems enable intelligent customer experiences.
  • The role of semantic platforms within an effective content supply chain.
  • The first steps you can take to build a semantic practice.

This webinar is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and is sponsored by [A].

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About the presenters

Mike Doane is a senior level university lecturer and information management consultant with a deep background in information science, semantics, information architecture and content strategy. He has many years of experience in creating and implementing information architectures and content management systems for all types of online experiences.

As the Semantic Practice Lead at [A], Mike works with clients to develop taxonomies, thesauri, knowledge graphs and ontologies for use in all types of enterprise systems. His work with clients include all types of vertical businesses/industries, such as legal, retail, pharma, energy and information technology. His work at the University of Washington focuses on information architecture, taxonomy, and knowledge management.

Cruce Saunders is the founder and principal at [A], the content intelligence service, and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World. Cruce and the [A] team work with content leaders driving change at the leading enterprise content publishers on Earth. Together with clients, they craft the next generation of the content supply chains and publishing architecture that powers intelligent customer experiences.