Anna Schlegel

Anna N. Schlegel is currently engaged in President Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó's political campaign, dedicating her extensive experience to advancing Catalonia's political ambitions. Formerly the VP of Global at Procore Technologies and a VP at NetApp, she has over 25 years of expertise in driving global innovation within the technology sector. Anna is recognized for leading teams that deliver personalized technology solutions on a global scale.

Before her current political involvement, Anna made significant contributions to globalization, content strategy, and technical communication during her 11-year tenure at NetApp. She also co-founded and presided over Women in Localization, an organization dedicated to empowering female technology leaders.

Anna's passion extends beyond her professional pursuits; she is deeply committed to inclusion, sustainability, and ethical leadership. She advises governments, nonprofits, and educational institutions and is known for advocating diversity and human-centric design in expanding global markets. Anna has been honored as a pioneering technical innovator, a published author, and a prominent voice in her field.

Her decision to join President Puigdemont's campaign reflects her lifelong commitment to facilitating and improving people's lives, now through political action, with a vision to elevate Catalonia on the world stage and promote effective leadership and governance.


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