Eamonn Glass

I am a driven yet emotionally intelligent business leader with over 20 years of experience across start-ups, Fortune 500 and Government environments. I lead product and service teams to deliver great customer experiences. I value collaboration and a "salt of the earth" approach to interpersonal relationships. I am able to bring the best out of people and teams, creating environments where people are having fun being better than they imagined possible.

I have held Vice President positions at Best Buy and senior product and program management roles in the Fortune 100. I have transformed customer experience and developed award winning products and services in Business Intelligence Software, Health Care, Utilities, eCommerce and Online Multiplayer Gaming.

I am a catalyst for change, able to identify and re-mediate structural barriers to success. I am passionate about re-focusing organizations on who their customers are. I am able to facilitate the environment and processes that enable teams and companies to capitalize on strategic opportunities that meet at the intersection of customer needs and organizational goals.


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