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Eamonn Glass

I am a driven yet emotionally intelligent business leader with over 20 years of experience across start-ups, Fortune 500 and Government environments. I lead product and service teams to deliver great customer experiences. I value collaboration and a "salt of the earth" approach to interpersonal relationships. I am able to bring the best out of people and teams, creating environments where people are having fun being better than they imagined possible.

I have held Vice President positions at Best Buy and senior product and program management roles in the Fortune 100. I have transformed customer experience and developed award winning products and services in Business Intelligence Software, Health Care, Utilities, eCommerce and Online Multiplayer Gaming.

I am a catalyst for change, able to identify and re-mediate structural barriers to success. I am passionate about re-focusing organizations on who their customers are. I am able to facilitate the environment and processes that enable teams and companies to capitalize on strategic opportunities that meet at the intersection of customer needs and organizational goals.


A panel of 9 thought leaders shares fresh insights on the current and future state of content models and related topics.

Hear the discussion on expressing and making structural models portable and interoperable.

The content model can streamline content creation, enable better team collaboration, and create consistent and reliable customer experiences. Part one of the Content Modeling Roundtable series covers facets of the current and future state. 

In this roundtable, leading practitioners dive into content modeling process and tooling, and navigate through terminology definitions. Driven by engineers and strategists, this roundtable will inspire the technical and the strategic alike.