Maxwell Hoffmann

Due to his decades-long career in product marketing, training, publishing, MIL-SPEC, and conversion to structured authoring, Maxwell wears many hats. He has trained over 1,200 sales people and countless customers in hands-on sessions. Experience with hardware platforms from UNIX to Mac and Windows/Linux. He has also authored hundreds of blogs and created hundreds of product feature videos. His expertise runs deep with TechComm writers, including FrameMaker and most DITA authoring solutions. He is well known throughout the content strategy community due to many conference presentations and workshops.

At [A] his contributions include: [A]gent, Content Author, Content Editor, Content Strategist, Content Engineer, Intelligence Analyst, Client Deliverable Author and Contributor, Sales and Proposal Developer, Content Technologist, Partner, Vendor, and Analyst Research and Development, Marketing Team Member, Market Research and Intelligence Acquisition Expert, Media Producer, Event Co-Producer, Evangelist, Training Developer, Information Architect, Optimizer, Marketing Strategist, Taxonomist, SEO and Analytics Analyst, Learner, Teacher, Culture Champion and others.

He is based in Portland, Oregon and has been a member of Mensa since 1981.


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