Mike Hedblom

Mike is the Senior Director of Documentation at Medallia, a leader in Experience Management software. He has over 35 years experience in the software industry in both writing for and leading international teams developing online documentation solutions. Mike lives in the Silicon Valley and has worked for a number of industry-leading companies and startups.


Mike Hedblom of Medallia shares how his team uses Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), a structured content approach, to deliver personalized content experiences. DITA allows content to be broken into modular, reusable components that can be dynamically assembled for different audiences. Mike explains how his team kept it simple when implementing DITA, focusing on solving immediate business needs like documentation personalization. In this interview, he provides tips on how to intuitively adopt structured content techniques like DITA without complexity. Tune in to hear a practical, real-world example of getting started with modular content.