Ana Sofia López Zúñiga

Ana Sofia Lopez Zúñiga is a Marketing Operations Strategist at [A] with expertise in project management, social media, email marketing, and website analytics. Her dynamic skill set and passion for innovation combine to create impactful results. Blending creativity with data-driven insights, Sofia insightful strategic decision-making helps drive key business objectives forward.


Transform digital experiences with collaborative, component-based approach. Achieve consistent branding, scalability and future-proof content & design.

Unleash the power of content for business success. Explore its value, market potential, and effective tactics for leveraging its impact.

Stay ahead of content production trends with content intelligence. Forecast the future and reach diverse audiences with personalized, relevant content.

Understand the impact of personalization and discover how you can gear up with the right skills and capabilities to make it all happen with [A]'s CSO.