Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation

Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation

The content stack is changing. Start adapting content delivery to meet the new stack.

There are now three modes of content: published, interactive and automated. All three play a new role in customer experience. Artificial intelligence is making content targeting, delivery and amplification easier and more lucrative, but enabling that content to play well with chatbots, AI and marketing automation requires structure, metadata, microdata, taxonomy and schema. Many marketers have no idea where to start.

As a partner piece to our 80+ page slide deck, Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation, this resource guide outlines the platforms used when building content for chatbots, and includes key content engineering resources and tools to start creating content in an increasingly bot-filled world.

The Guide Includes:

  • A curated list of leading chatbot platforms

  • Links to selected articles on content engineering and intelligent content

  • Links to resources and tools for using structured content (Schema, Google AMP, etc.) to engage audiences across channels and device types

  • Access to [A]’s eBook, Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World

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