[A] Free Guide to Content Valuation

[A] Free Guide to Content Valuation

A two-part guide to measuring content marketing ROI, content asset value, and the value of metadata.

Content assets have real value that can be measured, tracked, and optimized. However, many businesses and organizations still see content as an expense rather than an investment. They lack the tools to measure content marketing ROI and the knowledge of how to unlock the power of content to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve content asset overall value and worth.

In combination with KlarisIP,  [A] is offering an exclusive two-part guide that shows content marketers how to increase and prove the value of content assets and ways to use content valuation to influence stakeholders at all levels.

Uncover the gold hidden in your content assets with [A]’s guide to content valuation and content marketing ROI

Part 1 - Content Alchemy: Transforming Content into Assets

Veteran Digital Content Strategist, Christopher Tippie and [A] Founder Cruce Saunders explore why content assets (and content marketers) are often undervalued. Part 1 offers tangible strategies for measuring and proving content marketing ROI, including:

  • How to value content as an asset
  • Why organizations should recognize content as assets
  • Why content owners are often undervalued
  • How to measure content assets
  • How to start building a portfolio of content assets

Part 2 - Classifying Metadata as Capital

According to intellectual property rights consulting firm, KlarisIP, 67% of U.S. companies own intellectual property they haven’t monetized. KlarisIP's revolutionary guide shows how marketers can use metadata to help companies organize, digitize, and reuse the content they already own to unlock an explosion of intellectual property which can be easily monetized. Part 2 shows how metadata:

  • Can create additional revenue for firms
  • Delivers value through market opportunities and speed-to-market
  • Enhances marketing, advertising, branding, and customer service
  • Enables development of derivative works
  • Generates direct value through owned asset redeployment
  • Reduces costs and improves operational efficiency
  • Helps firms manage business and legal risks

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