[A] Free Guide to Unlocking the Chatbot Inside Your CMS

[A] Free Guide to Unlocking the Chatbot Inside Your CMS
This two-part paper on delivering content for new interactive channels with your existing CMS covers what you need to know to leverage existing content and how to create new content that is even more intelligent and responsive. 

Learn to deliver content for chatbots and new interactive channels using the content management system (CMS) you already maintain. Walk step-by-step through the process of syncing, linking, marrying, and integrating chatbot content with your CMS.

Part 1: AI Marketing, Chatbots, and Your CMS

Without realizing it, content marketers have progressively worked to make our content behave more like a chatbot for years. 
  • Say Hello to your new content (it says “Hello” back!)
  • The Bots are here to stay; let’s feed them content
  • The ROI of customer service chatbots
  • Back to the future: the ever-growing number of devices we must optimize content for

Part 2: Basic Steps to Building Your CMS-Powered Chatbot

As technology evolves and the content landscape becomes more crowded, users are gravitating toward chatbots for more intelligent search and personalized customer service.
  • Less chat, more bot
  • Intents and responses
  • Entities
  • Bringing it all together
  • Deploying your chatbot
  • Build a Bot to fit the need 
  • Benefits of the CMS-based Bot
  • Start with the content model

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