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[A] Free Guide to CMS Selection

[A] Free Guide to CMS Selection
The CMS, the tool for managing websites, has changed completely over the last few years. Many platforms are no longer web CMS in the traditional sense — they are CEM platforms with robust features. How do you make the right choice between WordPress or Drupal vs Sitecore, Kentico, or Adobe? CMS or CEM? Choosing the right content platform for your business or organization is a more complicated and important decision today than ever before. 
This free guide is a step-by-step best practices guide for choosing a web CMS or Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform. Essential issues covered include:
  • What is a CMS and how does it differ from a CEM? Why does an organization need one?
  • How to determine needs, and make the most informed, best-fit selection.
  • The value of impartial references, where to find them, and how to make the most of them.
  • A step-by-step CMS selection process, including detailed workflows

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