[A] Free Guide to Content Migration

[A] Free Guide to Content Migration
Over time, legacy content builds up, and it is frequently in an unstructured format, limiting value. Content migration can initially seem overwhelming due to the sheer volume of assets, yet the benefits of accessible, structured content far outweigh the time and cost to update content assets. 
The overall process of content migration can be relatively simple and highly rewarding when executed with a holistic approach.

[A] outlines methods in this whitepaper that allow organizations to capitalize on this inflection point. Transform your unstructured data into intelligent content. See the best practices for surveying your content, determining the appropriate system and a strategy, and creating a dynamic process that can be corrected and realigned as you move forward. Essential issues covered include:
  • How to avoid missed opportunities during content migration
  • The many benefits of a simple approach
  • Main components involved with a migration
  • Preparing for new system selection
  • Issues with new system selection or integration

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