Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World

Content Engineering

Discover why intelligently engineered content is critical to successful customer experience management.


The content engineer will soon become a mainstream imperative for any content technology business unit. Examine the skill sets of a content engineer, understand the value, and hire the best. Discover how to build a workflow among marketing and technical teams to orchestrate intelligent content.

Discover the function and responsibilities of the content engineer.

Learn to communicate and demonstrate the business value of the content engineer.

Understand how to integrate the content engineer into existing workflow.

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Digital transformation for a smarter world. 

[A] is a distributed technology consulting and training company dedicated to digital transformation for a smarter world. We simplify complex technology implementations of powerful web content management and content marketing platforms. [A] Content Engineers follow a strong content engineering practice to deliver complex content-rich digital properties, and simplify process for business users, agencies, and content administrators.