Want to start using composable content easily and quickly? [A] provides these resources to help you start on the modular content path. Watch the whole video to understand how to use the material and get the most out of it.
Modular, reusable content is the future. However, transitioning to a component-based approach can be challenging. In this video, Cruce Saunders provides practical tips for overcoming barriers and implementing composable content structures.

With the rise of AI, structured content will be increasingly important. This video provides actionable guidance to start implementing component content today. Ideal for content strategists, designers, and developers aiming to future-proof experiences.

Key Takeaways 

  • Learn how design systems enable component-based design. 
  • Understand how to take a fundamental approach, starting with spreadsheets and content tokens. 
  • See how to integrate reusable content with Figma using a template spreadsheet

Additional Resources