About [A]

[A] makes smart organizations even smarter.

 [A]  is a distributed consulting and training firm that:

  • leads clients to transform static, single-channel content into fluid, intelligent content
  • provides full-service integration services for content management and customer experience platforms
  • helps clients understand content value and how to achieve higher returns on content assets
  • train clients' internal teams to build and maintain a content engineering practice internally
  • builds and advises sophisticated, multi-channel content programs and architectures

[A] simplifies complex implementations of powerful web content management and content marketing platforms.

[A] leads a content engineering practice to deliver content-rich digital properties, and simplify process for business users, agencies, and content administrators. 

Partner with [A] to create intelligent content tailored to audience needs, aligned to organizational goals and delivered with personalized, targeted marketing tools and technologies.

[A] delivers consulting, training, application development, architecture and strategy engagement. [A] also offers bilingual development services.

[A]'s Methodology Consists of Four Core Disciplines:

Customer Experience Strategy — Gain a strategy for delivering multichannel assets tailored to users’ interests, objectives and devices — a strategic vision for creating and delivering intelligent content.

Digital Content Enablement — Enable an elegantly designed, single-source repository of intelligent content to meet the customer on all basic levels, demographics, readiness to buy, interests, browsing history, habits, and devices.

Customer Experience Enablement — Select and implement the technologies, delivery tools, platforms, and systems that enable multichannel marketing. [A] provides tactical work, platforms and implementation plans matching the strategy to the implementation.

Digital Management Enablement — Let [A] handle the complexity of digital management, enablement and planning. [A] creates business and technical documentation and provides the expertise needed to educate, train and recruit new employees that facilitate digital change.

[A] works tightly with talented agencies and marketing teams:

Together, we help clients manage and maintain large content and customer experience management implementations, integrations, and migrations as well as content campaigns and related services.

[A] serves and partners with numerous creative, advertising, and PR agencies and their clients on CMS/CEM selection and implementation projects.

Clients include Federal and State governments, large multinational corporations, large-scale association, educational and non-profit entities, and multiple sectors including healthcare, financial services, and business-to-business marketing.


  • [A] engineers, while clients innovate.
  • Engage [A] for expertise in customer experience and digital content strategy and enablement.
  • [A] offers advanced taxonomy and content modeling, integration, training, platform development, content migration, platform deployment and ongoing management.
  • [A] bolsters agency and in-house IT skills.


  • For complex content projects, engage [A] to configure and integrate the most powerful web content management platforms and marketing tools available.
  • Create once and publish everywhere, with platforms designed and integrated to reach and respond to a multi-device world.
  • [A]'s Content Engineers bring a proven track record of 15+ years' experience.


  • [A] quietly meets client needs, and the needs of the searching and social public.
  • [A] is not an agency but works with many and often work behind the scenes and under NDA.
  • [A] cares passionately about content, technology and strong alliances.