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[A] Services Overview: 

Content connects everything.

The battle for our audience’s attention is won with intelligent content marketing.  To succeed, organizations need to reach the right person with the right content, at the right time, adapted to the right customer device and context.  

Without a content strategy and the engineering to support it, our marketing efforts to attract and engage our audience get lost in the maelstrom of constant information. [A] helps marketers navigate a multichannel world. [A]gents work to humanize the digital experience for clients and downstream customers.

Engage [A] for content marketing success and ROI. 

  • Deliver multichannel marketing relevant to users’ interests, objectives and devices.
  • Enable intelligent content aligned to organizational goals and deliver personalized, targeted messages.
  • Maximize digital investments with the best digital marketing tools, technologies, platforms, and systems.
  • Gain a strategic partner to help create business and technical documentation, and support education, training and recruitment.

[A] services include:

  Customer Experience Strategy

Gain a strategy for delivering multichannel assets tailored to users’ interests, objectives and devices — a strategic vision for creating and delivering intelligent content.
Capabilities include:

  • Strategic Content Intelligence
  • Intelligent Content Optimization and Engagement Analytics
  • Multichannel and Mobile Content Planning

  Customer Experience Development 

Select and implement the technologies, delivery tools, platforms, and systems that enable multichannel marketing. [A] provides tactical work, platforms and implementation plans matching the strategy to the implementation.
Capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Software Integration
  • Customer Experience Technology Consulting
  • Customer Experience Platform Implementation
  • Marketing Technology Selection and Planning
  • User Experience Design and Development
  • Multichannel and Mobile Content Enablement

  Digital Content Management

Content-heavy organizations turn to [A] for content management and CEM platform integration and expertise to run large-scale content-driven properties. Enable an elegantly designed, single-source repository of intelligent content to meet the customer on all basic levels, demographics, readiness to buy, interests, browsing history, habits, and devices. Capabilities include:

  • Content Experience Architecture
  • Content Asset Optimization
  • Content Personalization

  Digital Content Engineering

[A]’s content engineering methodology enables organizations to improve return on content assets through intelligent content, content reuse and streamlined content publishing. [A]'s content engineers specialize in strategy, integration, management, support and training for the leading Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) technology and platforms, including Kentico and Sitecore.  

In addition to handling the complexity of digital content engineering,  [A] handles process management and planning, creates business and technical documentation, and provides the expertise needed to educate, train and recruit new employees.

Capabilities include:

  • Digital Management Office Implementation
  • Business & Technical Documentation
  • Education & Training
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

More About [A]

[A] bridges the integration gap between content strategy, the CEM and customer experience technologies. The marketing technology stack includes CMS, DAM, CRM, ERP, commerce and other environments that handle customer interactions across channels and contexts. But content assets are valuable beyond marketing, and digitally mature organizations work to engineer content for intelligence and easy transport between internal and external systems.

[A] offers strategic support for building content engineering practices into organizations and tactical services, including content engineering, CEM platform integration, technology, training, custom development and web analytics.

Contact [A] to enhance customer experience and get the most value and return from marketing platforms, content assets and investments.