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[A] Services Overview

Content contains everything an organization knows, is and does.

As technology continues to connect us and create new possibilities, it also creates an extremely complex landscape within modern organizations. The battle for our audience’s attention is won with content. Content is key in both driving revenue and ensuring efficiencies and excellence in our operations. Customers must be engaged with valuable and holistic content experiences from discovery through retention — that’s intelligent content.

[A] works holistically to build all aspects of a Content Intelligence System. This includes not just the technology architecture and implementation, but enabling companies with the organizational muscles to drive content intelligence.

[A] works with clients to create a Content Intelligence System that maximizes content ROI by:

  • Extending content reach and impact across humans and robots to drive measurable value.
  • Reducing total effective cost of content through low-friction reuse.
  • Contextualizing content to create increased discovery, customization, automation, and personalization capabilities.

Content Intelligence ensures content is coherent, self-aware, and quantum:

  • Coherent - Orchestrated against a Master Content Model® to unify systems for content interoperability.
  • Self-Aware - Connected with semantics, taxonomy, structure, and context to meet the customer where they are every time.
  • Quantum - Able to exist in multiple states and systems at one time, leveraging content assets for reach and impact.

Content Intelligence allows organizations to:

  • Deliver multichannel content relevant to users’ interests, objectives, and devices.
  • Align organizational goals and deliver personalized, targeted messages.
  • Maximize digital investments with the best content enablement tools, technologies, platforms, and systems.

[A]'s intelligent content services include:

  Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience strategy ensures content is intelligently designed to meet users’ interests, objectives, and devices, and defines a strategic path for creating and delivering intelligent content to engage multichannel audiences.

[A]'s strategic consulting services deliver a holistic customer experience that ensures content assets are ready to interact with chatbots, personal assistants, and other interactive channels.

Capabilities include:

  • Strategic content intelligence
  • Intelligent content optimization and engagement analytics
  • Multichannel and mobile content planning
  • Master content modelling and planning

  Customer Experience Development

Select and implement the technologies, delivery tools, platforms, and systems that enable intelligent content, content reuse, marketing automation, and multichannel delivery. [A] provides tactical work, platforms, and implementation plans matching the strategy to the implementation.

Capabilities include:

  • Enterprise software integration
  • Customer experience technology development
  • Customer experience platform development
  • User experience design and interactive platform development

  Digital Content Management

Content-heavy organizations require intelligent content management and correctly engineered CEM platforms to run large-scale, content-driven properties. Well-structured content and processes facilitate content intelligence and deliver frictionless customer experience and exponential return on investment regardless of channel or device.

[A] content engineers design elegant, single-source content management solutions and repositories able to reach far beyond traditional boundaries of content delivery and personalization. By single-source, we mean “single model” — not necessarily a single system of record. We help align systems to common schemas. In doing so, we are able to ensure content reuse across all channels and devices, including chatbots, personal assistants, and other voice-driven and interactive devices and platforms. 

Capabilities include: 

  • Content technology selection, planning, and development
  • CMS-driven chabot enablement and voice-driven/interactive content delivery
  • Content experience architecture
  • Content asset optimization
  • Content ROI analysis, content asset valuation and management
  • Content reuse planning
  • Content personalization

  Intelligent Content Engineering

Meeting the demands of ever-evolving content channels, chatbots, and interactive devices requires more than just a well-integrated content management system. Organizations must learn to model, create, and manage content cohesively across the enterprise in order to accurately value content and, ultimately, to compete in an increasingly intelligent world.

[A]’s content engineering methodology enables organizations to improve return on content assets through intelligent content, content reuse, and streamlined content publishing across numerous content publishing and marketing platforms, including Kentico and Sitecore.

Capabilities include:

  • Intelligent content tools and process implementation

  • Content asset management (CAM) office implementation
  • Business and technical alignment
  • Education and training
  • Recruitment process outsourcing

[A]’s Intelligent Content practice includes:

  • Executive briefings
  • Discovery workshops
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Content strategy
  • Audit and analysis of content landscape
  • Technology selection and planning
  • Stack and solution design

About [A]

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service. In partnership with leading global enterprises, [A] orchestrates content intelligence systems that unify the people, processes, and technology for omnichannel publishing and real-time personalized customer experiences at scale. The patterns in the [A] Content Intelligence Framework support strong returns on content asset investments, streamlined and integrated content operations, and a lean content supply chain.

Contact [A] to learn more about how intelligent content strategy, design, and engineering can benefit your organization.