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[A] Services Overview

Powering customer experiences by empowering teams.

Even the smartest organizations need a power-up to meet the needs of the new era of customer experience.

Busy, smart teams deliver more today than ever across channels. Figuring out all the strategy, engineering, and operations is hard. Reinventing process and standards is hard. Doing it all while fighting for limited resources is even harder. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. There's no need to do it alone.

Agencies and integrators help. But there's a missing ingredient in digital transformation initiatives. A missing link to get from today's disordered publishing approaches to a functional system.

[A] offers services, tools, and templates along the entire Intelligent Customer Experience spectrum, from figuring out where to even start, through ongoing operational support.

Strategy  Strategy

Customers don’t care where content comes from. Customers don’t go to our website or our apps to look for content based on which department produced it - they just want answers. [A] helps content converge around user goals to create a next-generation customer experience. 

  • Intelligent Content Strategy: Audience insights and a content strategy to deliver on user expectations
  • Intelligent CX Strategy: 360° view of the organization's customers and a plan to meet expectations for real-time, personalized content.

Content Engineering  Content Engineering

A strategy does not stand alone. The content itself needs a new shape, and new tags. Intelligent content takes engineering.

Customers who expend low effort to reach their goals are 23 times more likely to repurchase, according to a customer experience study. Crafting frictionless interactions for content is essential for both our customers, and our internal teams.

A Master Content Model® (MCM) defines the relationships between content types and elements across systems, variants, and channels. It significantly reduces the friction often experienced in creating, managing and publishing content, and allows for seamless content experiences for customers. The content engineers at [A] provide customized solutions for organization's unique technology landscapes and designed to meet internal production goals.

Platform Engineering  Platform Engineering

[A] helps architect, select, build, and integrate the ideal customer experience management platforms and technologies customized to organizational needs.

  • Content Technology Selection and Planning 
  • Customer Experience Platform Development and Implementation
  • Enterprise Software Integration
  • Modular Customer Experience Design

[A] works with both the most sophisticated and complex software and IT teams in the world, as well as understaffed mid-market firms with bigger ideas than staff to enact them.

When building a new content supply chain, start with the latest view on content portability, structure, and integration approaches to power contextual content at scale.

Operations  Operations

The most difficult aspect of a structured content initiative is the organizational change. Organizations must strategically build structured content, content engineering disciplines, content models, and related publishing processes from the inside out to ensure sustainability long after launch.

Integrated into the largest enterprises and leading mid-market companies, [A] supports organizational change through process development, team development, training, and ongoing support and process outsourcing. 

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