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Content Intelligence in 3 Minutes
Intelligent Content Supply Chains
Adolfo Hernandez, CEO of SDL, talks on the emerging use of machine learning, machine linguistics, and AI in this hyper-growth era of content.
ContentTECH Summit Workshop with [A]’s Director of Content Intelligence Strategy
In this workshop, Alan Porter will provide insights into how he approached redesigns for some of the most complex content ecosystems using content strategy and content engineering.
Culture and Technology Change: How to Get Organizational Buy-In
Managing the culture change that comes with digital transformation can be difficult; this five stage approach can help.
Anna Lively of [A] to Present on “Content Intelligence” at Learning Solutions Conference 2019
Anna Lively to present on content intelligence at the Learning Solutions Conference on March 27, 2019.

Intelligent content powers AI, chatbots, personalization, marketing automation, SEO, social sharing, and multichannel marketing.  Content Engineering matters.

Deliver personalized journeys. Evolve chunky content management to fluid customer experience management.
Embrace an interactive, AI-driven world. Google, Siri, Alexa, Watson, plus your own chatbots and intelligent assistants are calling.
Engage with intelligent content via the Master Content Model.  Search engines reward quality, structured content. 

Upgrade to Intelligent Content

Partnerships Build the Ecosystem for Content Intelligence

[A] helps organizations simplify a complex content landscape and architect an intelligent content ecosystem across technologies, people, and processes, creating vibrant content value streams for our clients. Through carefully orchestrated partnerships, best-in-class technologies, and [A]’s industry-leading content engineering teams, we bridge the gaps to realize the full value of enterprise content assets. Invest today in a standards-based content supply chain as the foundation for powerful, next generation customer experiences. 

Partnership is a practice that spans [A]’s entire business; together we form an integrated approach across client engagement, technical capability, and support to bring content solutions to life. Featured partners include:

Discover the Power of Intelligence

The largest and most complex organizations partner with [A] to streamline content supply chains, scale omnichannel delivery efforts, and design personalized customer experiences. [A] accomplishes this by applying the [A] Content Intelligence framework, a system that unifies the people, processes, and technology across content-rich enterprises.

The content engineers at [A] orchestrate every stage of large-scale content transformation projects — including Master Content Model™ development, content technology selection, and internal process management.

Achieve true content intelligence with services, resources, and training from the team at [A].