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  • Effortless customer experience starts with content intelligence.

    Multiply value by using content assets across channels. Streamline content operations enterprise-wide. Build content APIs. Expand reach, personalization, and impact. Bring everyone and every system together around a Master Content Model, preparing to thrive in a multichannel, multimodal world.

A New Content Order for the Multi-Channel, Multi-Modal World
Learn how the Master Content Model delivers the framework to future proof content across an ever-evolving and expanding content ecosystem, including conversational UIs, like Chatbots...
What is Content Convergence?
Content is at the heart of every customer interaction, and it is consumed across a multitude of channels, platforms and interactive formats. Learn about Content Convergence, what it is...
LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018: Alan Porter Presents
[A]'s Director of Strategic Services presents "Content Convergence Has Arrived" at LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018.
[A] Continues to Advance Content Intelligence Services with Appointment of Alan Porter
[A] welcomes Alan J. Porter as the Senior Executive responsible for strategic client services leadership.

Intelligent content powers AI, chatbots, personalization, marketing automation, SEO, social sharing, and multichannel marketing.  Content Engineering matters.

Deliver personalized journeys. Evolve chunky content management to fluid customer experience management.
Embrace an interactive, AI-driven world. Google, Siri, Alexa, Watson, plus your own chatbots and intelligent assistants are calling.
Engage with intelligent content via the Master Content Model.  Search engines reward quality, structured content. 

Upgrade to Intelligent Content

Reach More Customers Across More Channels

[A] helps clients achieve digital maturity with services, resources and training all centered around intelligent content and the Master Content Model

[A]'s expertise includes content engineering for multichannel delivery, web CMS platform integration, personalization, mobile development, and infrastructure support. [A] specializes in powerful platforms including Kentico and Sitecore.

Across industries: Government, associations and non-profits, healthcare, education, finance and others look to [A] for content intelligence.