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Evolve with a new Content Services Organization
Unlock the full potential of content teams and deliver the next-generation customer experiences
The Invisible World of Content — New Series Releasing in 2021
Trends Towards More Accessible Knowledge Management
Content Operations expand at [A] with Kit Brown-Hoekstra as new Lead
Achieving Smarter Knowledge Management through Intelligent Content

Intelligent content powers the future of customer experience

Clean out your old content closets. Mine the value hidden in content management systems and PDFs.
Deliver personalized journeys. Evolve chunky content management to fluid customer experience management.
Embrace an interactive, AI-driven world. Google, Siri, Alexa, chatbots, and intelligent assistants are calling.
Engage with intelligent content via the Master Content Model®. Search engines reward quality, structured content.

[A] helps market leaders deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences

The future of content is powered by:

A strategy that prioritizes the content audiences want.
Intelligent content engineered for personalization.
Smart content management systems and architecture.
Dependable content operations that orchestrate and scale.

[A]: Activating Intelligent Customer Experience

Working with a mix of the largest enterprises and most innovative mid-market organizations, [A] covers the Strategy, Engineering, and Operations necessary to deliver next-generation Intelligent Customer Experiences. [A] supports every step of the process.

Get to market faster. Build from a playbook of market-tested intellectual property. Save effort. Augment and enhance in-house teams.
  • Intelligent Content Readiness
  • People, Process, and Technology Roadmap
  • Value, Metrics, and ROI
  • Inventory and Analytics
  • Master Content Model®
  • Semantics and Tagging Architecture
  • Content Design and Orchestration
  • Selection, Development, and Integration 
  • Content Supply Chain Analysis and Architecture
  • Content as a Service (CaaS) Implementation
  • Organization Design
  • Orchestration and Governance
  • ICX Management

[A] is the Platform for Content Intelligence

Partnership is a mindset that spans [A]’s entire business. Intelligent Customer Experiences never happen in a vacuum. [A] works with an array of peers, technology vendors, infrastructure providers, and related services vendors. Together, we form an integrated approach across client engagement, technical capability, and support to bring ICX solutions to life. Partner with [A].

Fluid customer experiences start with fluid content

When meeting customers' unique needs, content must be able to shape itself into multiple containers, templates, and interfaces. Customer experience and omnichannel leaders are rallying cross-functional teams and building content intelligence practices. These new practices drive the creation of structured, intelligent content.

Watch a short 5-minute video introducing [A]’s approach to content intelligence and start the journey to fluid, intelligent customer experiences.