[A] Presentations


Uniting the Content Trades: Exploring the Need for a Professional Association

Discover the future of content management. Explore career recognition, clear paths, community building, and the potential for a professional association.

The Changing State of the Content Industry

Join industry experts to navigate the evolving content technology landscape and how to build an effective strategic approach for ongoing success.

OmnichannelX Session Series

Join OmnichannelX webinars to learn how content models drive personalized experiences, optimize channels, captivate audiences, and boost engagement.

UX Design With Headless Content: Emerging Practices

Don't miss this live webinar on emerging UX and content collaboration practices with Michael Andrews and Cruce Saunders.

Measuring Content Strategy Success

How to measure content strategy success? Join the discussion as experts explore the frameworks, data, and metrics that make it possible.

Personalized Customer Journeys: The Power of Semantics

[A] Webinar on how to use Poolparty combined with the power of content structure and content semantics to create personalized customer journeys.


Crash Course on Content Semantics

Unleash the potential of content creation. Understand how machines perceive and connect information. Embrace semantics to create transformative content.

Composable Content: How to Implement Reusable Tokens in Figma

Cruce Saunders provides tips for implementing modular, reusable content structures using design systems and Figma.

AI: Revolutionizing Workflow and Content Personalization

Explore the fusion of intelligent agents, conversational experiences, and data-driven personalization in the content supply chain.

Roles, Profit, and Customer Experiences

Delve into the MACH framework to gain a competitive edge in the digital age.

Omnichannel Design: Stakeholders, Technology, and Roles

Gain insight into the necessary shifts at the enterprise level to navigate the evolving content management landscape.

Advice for Changing State of Content Industry

Explore the AI era's impacts on roles, organization, and content management.