[A] Presentations


OmnichannelX Session Series

Join OmnichannelX webinars to learn how content models drive personalized experiences, optimize channels, captivate audiences, and boost engagement.

UX Design With Headless Content: Emerging Practices

Don't miss this live webinar on emerging UX and content collaboration practices with Michael Andrews and Cruce Saunders.

Measuring Content Strategy Success

How to measure content strategy success? Join the discussion as experts explore the frameworks, data, and metrics that make it possible.

Personalized Customer Journeys: The Power of Semantics

[A] Webinar on how to use Poolparty combined with the power of content structure and content semantics to create personalized customer journeys.

Connecting Content with Models and Maps

See a simplified case study showing how to organize, map and model content in a decoupled content supply chain to power personalized customer experiences.

Discover Headless Tech Interview

Discover how an enterprise content model can enhance your organization's digital assets. Learn why they matter, how to design them, and who should participate.


The Big Shift: Capitalizing on Content Assets

Discover how to create decoupled supply chains with structure, semantics, and intelligence for smarter content creation and management.

How and Why start a Content Services Organization (CSO)

Learn about the role of a CSO in orchestrating and facilitating smarter, more relevant content across systems. Find out how a CSO can improve content through consistency and strategy...

Key Drivers of Unified Content Functions

Learn about the key drivers behind the shift toward unified content capabilities and how organizations can leverage it to deliver personalized cx.

The Shift To Unified Content Functions

Unify the practices of strategy, engineering, and operations to streamline your content supply chain and provide more consistent customer experiences.

Using Taxonomies to Personalize Customer Journeys

Learn how to organize your content! Meet people's needs and achieve business goals by understanding both the user journey and customer intent.

Walk-through of an Example Supply Chain

Allow content to move from system to system and across schemas with the Content Supply Chain.