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[A] Presentations

Download this two-part white paper on single-sourcing content for new interactive channels. Part 1 explains how to deliver content for chatbots and future on-demand channels using the content management system (CMS) you already maintain. Part 2 walks you step-by-step through the process of syncing, linking, marrying, and integrating chatbot content with your CMS.

Webinars / Videos

Join [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders as he presents the on-demand webinar, "Building Chatbots with Intelligent Content," as part of a virtual summit on intelligent agents and chatbots.
Watch this free on-demand webinar on digital maturity practices for associations and non-profits. Learn about advances in digital marketing technologies today's leaders use to attract...


[A]’s Master Architect dives into all things DITA, with a special focus on the value and applications for a Master Content Model™ at CIDM 2018, Apr. 23 - 25
[A]'s founder presents "Evolving the New Content Order: The Rapidly Changing Multi-Channel, Multi-Modal Content Landscape" at ICC 2018.
Mayo Clinic and [A] Jointly Present "Unifying Multichannel Publishing with a Master Content Model at Mayo Clinic"
[A]'s founder Cruce Saunders held a 90-minute chatbot workshop at IDW 2017.
[A]'s Director of Strategic Services presents "Content Convergence Has Arrived" at LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018.
Check out the top 25 Masters of Multichannel speaking at this year’s 2017 Content Marketing World.


Narrated by [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders, this deck explores the new content stack, and how to future-proof content assets to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer experiences. 
Learn the specific, practical steps you can take today to shape content for Bots, AI, and Marketing