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Discover the universal content supply chain to connect workflows within an organization. Hear how to to unite workflows and connect systems!

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Unified Content Operations and the Pluggable Content Supply Chain

In this episode, Michael Iantosca, a long-time leader in structured content and content supply chains, explores the need for a universal, pluggable content supply chain to connect and orchestrate content workflows across an enterprise. Companies often implement content creation and delivery tools but lack an "operations supply chain" to connect workflows. A future "content mission control" framework moves the industry forward for the AI era, where value comes from ecosystem interconnectedness. Listen to real-world insights on intuitively adopting frameworks like this without complexity.

Simply Structured Documentation: Get started with modular content using DITA

Mike Hedblom of Medallia shares how his team uses Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), a structured content approach, to deliver personalized content experiences. DITA allows content to be broken into modular, reusable components that can be dynamically assembled for different audiences. Mike explains how his team kept it simple when implementing DITA, focusing on solving immediate business needs like documentation personalization. In this interview, he provides tips on how to intuitively adopt structured content techniques like DITA without complexity. Tune in to hear a practical, real-world example of getting started with modular content.

The Future of Design is Human-Centered

In this episode, Doug Powell, a renowned design leader, discusses creating unified design systems and services across large enterprises. He shares strategies for gaining executive support, scaling design thinking, and measuring the impact of human-centered design. Listen to this episode, to gain valuable insights into leading systemic design changes that enable teams to work better cross-functionally.

Streamlining Operations with Unified Terminology

In this episode, Cruce Saunders chats with Kelly Lawetz, Director of Unified Content Services at Genetec, about her journey leading a team to create and deliver high-quality technical content. Discover the critical role of consistent terminology in content creation and how it impacts Genetec's digital transformation. Learn about the company's agile approach to terminology management. Explore the significance of leadership in driving change and how terminology management lays the foundation for a smarter future in content and customer experience.

Innovating Skillsets and Moving Projects Forward

Lisa Traeger, an Omnichannel digital strategy and content assets expert, shares her experience on the evolution of storytelling in the enterprise and the importance of engaging in meaningful two-way conversations with consumers. Learn about the challenges of content practices and governance in large enterprises and how Lisa improved SEO and customer experience through structured content at Verizon. Discover the significance of having a holistic view of the customer journey and the need for coherence in content sets and structural standards.

The Marketing Cheat Codes for Creating a More Intelligent World

Join for a special episode as we explore some of the cheat codes in content intelligence. Our friends from Aprimo interview Cruce for a change. Hear insights on the power of Standardization and Orchestration.

The Benefits of Content Models with Kate Kenyon

Join host Cruce Saunders as he discusses the evolving landscape of content strategy with Kate Kenyon, Head of Content at Chase International Consumer Bank. Discover how the pandemic reshaped remote work, the critical role of governance in defining 'good enough' content, and the evolution of content strategy as a specialized field. Kate also talks about the industry's shift towards Headless and Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) based APIs, and the importance of collaboration between content, design, and engineering teams.

The Expanded Role of Digital Asset Management

In this podcast episode, Cruce Saunders interviews Theresa Regli about Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Experience Management (DXM). Discover the importance of context and relevance in managing customer data, using artificial intelligence in DAM, and the significance of metadata in enhancing customer experiences. Listen about the challenges in tagging assets and achieving coherence in content and customer experiences across enterprises. Hear insights on the evolution of semantics and the ongoing revolution in content technology, with optimism about the potential for positive change in the industry.

Making Content Matter

Join Cruce Saunders and Candi Williams, Bumble's Head of Content Design, to discover the importance of content design and strategy in today's digital age. Gain insights into content team roles, operations, and a clear content maturity roadmap. Learn essential skills for shaping human perception through content and advocating for its critical role.

Making the Case for a Content Services Organization

In this episode, Simon McEvoy, the Global Head of Content Services for Anaplan R&D, discusses the challenges and goals of content leadership in improving customer experience. He emphasizes the importance of a unified and consistent content experience across all touchpoints and the need for a centralized function to manage content infrastructure and orchestrate content services across the organization.

The Business Value of Content Operations at Any Scale

In this episode, Rahel Bailie talks about the power of Content Operations. Hear about the importance of making content production systematic and efficient. Rahel highlights the value of Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations to businesses. Discover why content often gets undervalued in enterprise investments and the critical role of Content Operations in enhancing content governance.

Making Content Strategy Tangible

Join Cruce Saunders as he interviews Carrie Hane about identifying and focusing your content strategy on the right audience. Learn about designing authoring workflows for compelling narratives at scale, unified content structures, and the role of semantic models in breaking down silos.

Content Taxonomy: The Key to Better Customer Experience

Join host Cruce Saunders as he delves into the world of content technology with Michael Priestley, an information architect and content technology strategist at IBM. Explore Priestley's journey from technical writing to shaping IBM's website through taxonomy and information architecture. Get insights on analytics in content strategy, aligning content with customer interests, and the future of intelligent information architectures. Learn from Priestley's career advice, emphasizing the need to understand customer needs, manage metadata effectively and stay adaptable to content technology changes.

Digital Policy: Powering Operations, Innovation, and Velocity

In this episode, Cruce Saunders chats with digital policy innovator Kristina Podnar, author of 'The Power of Digital Policy.' Discover the vital role of digital policies as guardrails that foster creativity and innovation while ensuring legal compliance and brand safety. Gain insights on how digital policies are not just about restrictions but about creating a framework for safe and creative innovation.

Dynamic Data-Driven Customer Interactions with Big Data

Join host Cruce Saunders as he delves into the world of data with Gaja Vaidyanatha, principal of Cloud Data LLC and an expert in integrating large data footprints. Discover the role of a 360-degree view of the customer, integrating touchpoints to enhance service and personalize experiences. Explore the challenges of making data accessible to users with technical expertise and the significance of considering user constraints in UI design to make data more accessible.

Unifying Technical Content Sets into a Broader Ecosystem

In this podcast episode, Cruce Saunders and Tom Johnson discuss the evolving landscape of technical documentation. They highlight the importance of technical authors in agile development and the rise of "Docs-as-Code." The conversation also covers the challenges of hiring and nurturing top technical writing talent and the need for cross-functional alignment on content initiatives. Tune in for actionable insights on elevating your content game in the digital age.

Humanism in an AI-Driven World

In this episode, Cruce Saunders delves into the future of information with Ray Gallon, president of The Transformation Society. Learn about Information 4.0 and its significance in the era of Industry 4.0, where machines make decisions. Gain insights on the importance of humanizing technology and explore the future of knowledge and learning, advocating for a collaborative approach between technical documentation and training departments.

Leading Teams Towards Next-Generation Customer Experiences

Join host Cruce Saunders and Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Member Experience at AMA, about transforming the healthcare experience. Learn about Todd's integrated approach to marketing, digital, product design, and content. Explore the complexities of the patient experience, and how the AMA is addressing these through clearer communication and technological innovation.

Content Superheroes and the Battles They Fight

Join host Cruce Saunders as he explores the power of content strategy with Alan Porter, author of 'The Content Pool.' Dive into the concept of content as a shared enterprise-wide asset and the importance of content intelligence in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Discover Alan's journey from technical documentation to content marketing for global brands and his advocacy for every piece of content as a marketing event and brand experience.

Pathways to Structured Authoring: DITA and Beyond

In this episode, Patrick Bosek, co-founder of Jorsek LLC and creator of easyDITA, talks about the future of structured authoring, the role of DITA in a structured content landscape, and easyDITA's approach as a CCMS. Discover the importance of efficient content creation and reuse, particularly in marketing campaigns where consistent messaging is important. This is a must listen when considering a shift towards structured content.

Championing Enterprise Content Strategy

In this episode, Cruce Saunders and Anna Schlegel explore the evolving role of content in global enterprises. Learn why content should be a central focus, the importance of executive champions, and the need for a Chief Content Strategist. Discover the benefits of cross-departmental collaboration in a content forum and get advice on mapping content to the customer journey, consolidating content systems, and focusing on intuitive experiences. Explore challenges with globalization and localization, including local market understanding and regulations.

Intelligent Content Supply Chains

In this episode, Adolfo Hernandez of SDL discusses the future of content, including the power of AI, machine learning, and machine translation. Discover insights on delivering content across multiple touchpoints and how AI and machine learning will shape content creation.

Bridging Silos with Unified Content Portals

In this episode, Jim Edmunds, CEO of Ingeniux, shares strategies for managing enterprise content and provides valuable insights on creating adaptable content through architecture and semantics. He emphasizes the importance of using a unified content portal to bridge silos and engage specific audiences, and how this approach elevates content above tools and processes. If you're interested in effective content management, this episode is definitely worth a listen!

Content Strategy Roles and Landscape

In this episode, Cruce Saunders chats with Hilary Marsh, president and chief strategist of Content Company, about her extensive experience in content strategy for associations and non-profits. Discover Hilary's definition of content as the manifestation of an organization's work and her approach to creating a holistic content strategy that aligns with the organization's identity, audience needs, and context.

Creating Content Ecosystems

In this episode, Cruce Saunders chats with Jack Molisani, President of ProSpring Technical Staffing and producer of the LavaCon conference. Discover LavaCon's journey from a regional event to a commercial conference that bridges various content silos. Learn about advocating for an enterprise content strategy, public speaking, and negotiation skills. Explore the growth of DITA and the value of content specialization. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to develop a unified content strategy.

The Evolution Within Techcomms

Join Cruce Saunders in this podcast episode with Scott Abel, the founder of Content Wrangler. Discover the importance of content strategy and its role in driving unified customer experiences. Scott shares his strategies for implementing content reuse, semantics, and intelligent structure across enterprise ecosystems. Hear insights about overcoming cultural roadblocks, leveraging APIs and automation, and training new content wranglers.

The Semantic Web and Linked Data

Join content experts Cruce Saunders and Teodora Petkova in discussing the future of search, data connectivity, and machine intelligibility in this episode. Discover how Linked Data quietly transforms how we navigate and leverage information by enabling seamless cross-system integration and data exchange. Together, they unpack the challenges of future-proofing content management systems and publishing workflows for the era of globally distributed, non-linear information webs.

On Bots, AI and Content Strategy

In this episode, Elizabeth McGuane, Content Strategy Lead at Intercom, discusses bot communication with Cruce Saunders. Hear about integrating bots into Intercom's messenger app, user preferences for bot interactions, and the evolving role of bots in customer experiences. McGuane also touches on the technical aspects of content strategy and the need for a structured approach.

Exploring Customer Experience Management

In this episode, Cruce Saunders chats with Karol Jarkovsky, Director of Product at Kentico, about evolving content management systems (CMS) to customer experience management (CEM) platforms. Discover how Kentico EMS leverages technology to deliver relevant and personalized content through insights from analytics, marketing automation, and more. Learn about the challenges of connecting data for optimal customer experiences and the role of machine learning and AI in predicting the best action. Explore the "API-first" approach and how Kentico embraces new technologies to innovate in content production, marketing automation, and customer service. Karol shares insights on agility, responsiveness, and continuous innovation in the digital landscape.

Making Content Memorable

In this episode, Dr. Simon delves into the transformative power of content on customer memory, revealing the key to making your message unforgettable. Learn how to harness your audience's attention and use it to inspire positive action. With a focus on ethical responsibility, this episode is a must-listen for creators looking to make a lasting impact.

Confronting Digital Change

In this episode, Cruce Saunders delves into digital governance with Lisa Welchman, President of the Digital Governance Practice at ActiveStandards and author of 'Managing Chaos.' Explore the critical role of standards in enterprise collaboration, the challenges of digital change, and the traits of digital leaders. Learn about the importance of aligning organizational objectives with digital initiatives, bridging gaps between silos, and establishing clear digital strategies and governance mechanisms.

Examining the Internet of Things

Dive into an insightful conversation with Mark Lewis, author of 'DITA Metrics 101,' as he discusses the concept of alignment in developing intelligent content. Explore the challenges of the Internet of Things and the increasing complexity and volume of content required. Learn about the importance of a content engineering approach, aligning content development lifecycles with other disciplines to achieve corporate goals.

Talking Content Strategy

Join Cruce Saunders and Noz Urbina, a renowned consultant at Urbina Consulting. Explore the challenges faced by organizations dealing with fragmented content, duplication, and varied messages across different silos. Discover practical steps for initiating change within an organization, particularly for managers in tech comms, as they strive to make content more user-focused.

AI and ML: Automate, Amplify, and Simplify using Big Data

Cruce Saunders and Gaja Vaidyanatha delve into the ways in which AI can enhance data environments and customer experiences. They discuss how various industries are using automation, amplification, and simplification of data architectures and operations to achieve growth. As AI technology continues to evolve, it has the potential to significantly improve customer experiences. If you're interested in adopting AI for your business, tune in to gain practical insights on how to do so in a user-friendly way and streamline data workflows.

Graph Databases: The Path from Relational Big Data to the Future

Join host Cruce Saunders in an enlightening conversation with data performance management expert Gaja Vaidyanatha as they delve into the world of graph databases and their pivotal role in the evolving data ecosystem. Discover how graph databases enable the analysis of multilevel transitional relationships, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and complex patterns.