[A] Podcast Series: Towards a Smarter World

Customer Experiences, Digital Transformation, Intelligent Content and Responsive Organizations


[A] is excited to announce the launch of Towards a Smarter World podcasts. [A]’s founder Cruce Saunders interviews industry thought leaders on the trends and topics leading today’s customer experience, including digital transformation, the Internet of Things,  intelligent content, and corporate governance.  Check back often to enjoy new podcasts.

On Bots, AI and Content Strategy

Elizabeth McGuane, content strategy lead at Intercom, joins us to discuss the future of AI, human-bot interactions, and the direction of content strategy. We discuss whether bots should be "humanized" and given names or integrated into invisible technology enabled customer experiences. We touch on the global community of content strategists, and evolving content disciplines.

Exploring Customer Experience Management

Karol Jarkovsky, Director of Product at Kentico Software, discusses how Customer Experience Management (CEM) has changed since Kentico's inception, and how it will continue to change, as well as cognitive computing, machine learning, and the transition from mobile-first to API-first development.

Making Content Memorable

Executive Coach and Co-Founder of REXI Media, Dr. Carmen Simon explains the potential impact content can make on customer memory and shares attention, memory, and decision making guidelines to authoring more memorable content.

Confronting Digital Change

Lisa Welchman, President of Active Standards and author of "Managing Chaos," explores the biggest challenges organizations face when confronting digital change and addresses the cultural differences between digitally progressive and digitally conservative organizations.

Examining the Internet of Things

Mark Lewis, Content Engineer and DITA Educator at Quark, author of Digital Metrics 101, and presenter of "Intelligent Content and the Internet of Smart Things" at Information Development World 2015, shares his thoughts on alignment and development of intelligent content in organizations.

Talking Content Strategy

A look at content strategy, content engineering and organizational content challenges with Noz Urbina, Lavacon 2015 keynote presenter, content strategist, and author of "Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits."