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[A] Partners and [A]llies

Modern integrated Customer Experience (CX) isn't one job, or one person, or one system. We help you get it all together. [A] integrates the people, process, and technology to make it all work.

Whether you're stitching together enterprise platforms end-to-end, or solving a small piece of a particular problem on a legacy system, [A] ensures organizations follow a unified roadmap that accounts for future success.

We can meet you wherever your organization is today.

Our partners and [A]lies speak the same language to help build against that unified roadmap. Rest assured that it will all work together, aligned with industry standards. We believe in integrating with intentionality.

In [A]'s role as the Content Intelligence Service, we partner with platforms and solution vendors as an analyst, advisor, architect, and integrator.

[A] performs direct integration with partners including:

[A] is a certified Kentico Gold partner since 2008 offering comprehensive implementation, integration, and support for the Kentico Xperience platform.

[A] architects scalable enterprise content ecosystems to make all content and media types universally available with Nuxeo’s Content Services Platform (CSP), unifying Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

[A]'s Sitecore practice brings together the experience of senior technical engineers with content engineers to ensure clients with massive and diverse content sets get the most from the Sitecore platform.

[A] partners with Ingeniux on agile experience management solutions, including CMS solutions built on a decoupled architecture and dedicated efforts on producing intelligent content that is repurposed for different channels and devices.

Oxygen is widely recognized as the complete solution for XML authoring, development & collaboration.

[A] content intelligence architectures often include:


In addition to platform vendors, [A] also works with an array of service providers and independent consultants, all working to build a smarter world with intelligent content. This is called the [A]llies program, and involves collaboration to develop educational content assets, workshops, training, assessments, and other useful services. These all align with [A]'s content intelligence framework to provide enterprise content leaders with an integrated, holistic, approach.

Interested in partnering with [A]?

[A] works as a facilitator of connections for enterprise content publishers and has designed a partner program that includes platform vendors, service providers, and practitioners. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with [A], submit a partner profile to start the process.