What Is [A] Content Intelligence Framework?

The [A] Content Intelligence Framework creates an environment that enables content engineering to introduce intelligent content and content technologies into an enterprise technology landscape. Within this landscape, an organizational business strategy is connected to products and services, while enhancing customer experience (CX). Systematically applying the [A] Content Intelligence Framework leads to better returns on content investments and new capabilities. It also enables efficient, interconnected systems for creating, managing, and delivering assembled customer experiences across departments, devices, channels, and interactions.

The [A] Content Intelligence Framework can be leveraged in two different ways:
  1. As a tool for both coordinating and integrating planned investments in intelligent content and content technology.
  2. To organize publishing design, daily operations, and content supply chains into a Content Operating Model (COM). This model operates within an enterprise-wide strategy, technology, and service context.

The [A] Content Intelligence Framework addresses seven (7) distinct interoperable pillars of the enterprise content landscape. Each pillar represents an area of investment, practice capability, and an avenue for orchestrating ongoing operations across all aspects of publishing.

The goal of [A]’s Content Intelligence Framework is to transform publishing workflows, connected systems, and methodologies into real-time assembly of personalized customer experiences, based on contextual data about customer sessions. As part of the delivery model, content often becomes available via Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) endpoints. Metadata-enriched content must meet metadata-rich contextual data to enable the dynamic assembly of modular content, based on individual customer interactions. This is only possible at scale when content intelligence practices are holistically employed.

[A] empowers clients to build an internal, cross-functional Content Services Organization (CSO) aligned to the [A] Content Intelligence Framework. This enables organizational coherence and the free movement of assets and content forms between departments and publishing endpoints. Alignment with the shared framework enables each authoring group to work in preferred systems and formats; thus, they are capable of contributing and consuming content to and from any point within the organization.

Unfortunately, most companies are still producing content stored and bound in silos. Before the framework is applied, many companies are still “pushing” content to consumers in hopes that it will eventually be discovered.

The [A] Content Intelligence Framework can be delivered in various forms:
  1. As part of a larger engagement to build a new Content Operating Model, Content Technology Architecture, and Content Intelligence Roadmap.
  2. As part of training programs.
  3. Licensed to enterprise clients and partners.

The overall framework includes the Core Content Model™ (CCM), which is a single, integrated model that defines how content assets will be structured and represented throughout their complete content lifecycle. This model is a way of defining technology-agnostic content that is completely separate from a traditional page-based publishing paradigm. The CCM is sometimes informally referred to as a “Rosetta Stone” because it contains standards and definitions that enable various systems of record to efficiently communicate with one another, producing cohesive output.

In summary, the [A] Content Intelligence Framework provides a basis for orchestrating content across silos and aligning all systems of record. This framework also establishes a foundation for organizational design, architectural standards, and makes it possible to move content into a Content-as-a-Service delivery platform.

To learn more about the [A] Content Intelligence Framework, request a private briefing or download [A]’s latest whitepaper, "[A] Guide to Mastering the Core Content Model". You may also wish to view our webinar: "The Core Content Model™ at Mayo Clinic: Aligning Omnichannel Content Workflows".

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