Content Convergence: Communication, marketing and localization

"The Content Convergence Has Arrived"


Intelligent content is the foundation of the new age of digital customer experiences in any language. As a consequence, the worlds of marketing communication, technical communication, and localization are converging as companies need to take a more holistic view of how customers interact with their global brands. [A]'s Head of Strategic Services, Alan J. Porter, discussed this convergence and how companies can best position themselves and their content to power their digital transformation.

Originally hosted by The Content Wrangler, and presentd by Porter on BrightTalk, join us for this free half-hour webinar. Porter will demystify how to start the discussion of content convergence in your own organization and he’ll provide samples of metadata you should consider adding when attempting to manage global content. Viewers will also gain insight into a content engineering approach to holistic content use.

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The Content Wrangler

View the original BrightTALK broadcast here.

About The Content Wrangler

The Content Wrangler is a global digital media company that exists to help organizations adopt the tools, technologies, and techniques they need to connect content to customers. Its flagship web property,, is an online magazine covering the people, methods, standards, ideas and trends that matter in the content industry today. The team publishes informative content designed to help organizations solve nearly any content challenge and focuses on advanced content management topics including: intelligent content, content optimization, content engineering, content strategy, content marketing, cognitive computing, and more.

About Alan J. Porter

Alan J. Porter (@TheContentPool) is the Director of Content Intelligence Strategy at [A]. Alan has an extensive background within the industry and has consulted for large, well-known enterprises and organizations. He has helped shape the content intelligence space through his writing and thought leadership. As the author of The Content Pool, Alan promotes the concept of content as an enterprise asset with real value. He advocates the convergence of content across an organization and the foundational role of content intelligence in harnessing that convergence in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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