[A] 2018 Resource Guide on Content Intelligence

Flexible Content Integration Strategies for AI, Chatbots, & Marketing Automation

It’s no secret that marketing channels are proliferating. Teams of all kinds find it nearly impossible to keep up with the change. In even the largest enterprises, the question isn’t resources: it’s sanity. How do we organize the overwhelming mess of channels and content variants?

Planning an effective content marketing strategy in 2018 means creating content experiences that are designed to meet the demands of the evolving content ecosystem. How do we engage customers with valuable and holistic content experiences, from discovery through purchase, use, retention, and on to recommendation, across a constantly morphing landscape of digital channels and devices?

While this year’s top marketing innovations have yet to reveal themselves, digital marketers can expect Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven technologies to continue to dominate the digital landscape, much like chatbots did in 2017.

The content ecosystem will grow in complexity as new customer interactions such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and interactive voice become more prominent. IBM reports that by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. The rise of AI and automation will make the fluid exchange of information between systems, robots, and people a necessity for both marketing and operations.
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Content will need to move across extremely complex landscapes within digitally evolving organizations. Massive software systems and data collection, now standard in all aspects of business, will be leveraged to inform and influence customer experiences and content interactions, thus increasing the importance of knowledge management and information sharing within organizations.

As we begin to build more intelligence and structure into our content repositories in 2018, we will in turn be eliminating content silos and will begin to connect our customers’ journeys across content marketing, support, and technical communications.2018 Content Intelligent Content Resource Guide Content Repository ImageAdditionally, we will begin to determine the actual lifetime value of our content assets and reflect that value on our balance sheets. At last, we will have the systems and tools we need to deliver higher levels of both personalization and self-service with low-effort, content-driven customer experiences that lead to purchases, share of wallet, and brand loyalty. The organizations that successfully achieve this in 2018 will gain market share and have a competitive advantage.

Winning at content and Customer Experience Management (CEM) in 2018 will require more than just a well-integrated content management system. Organizations must learn how to model, create, value, and manage content cohesively across the enterprise in order to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of their content and, ultimately, to compete in an increasingly intelligent world.

At [A], this is what we do and how we help clients every day. We understand the content struggles of complex organizations and we engineer intelligent content systems and solutions to simplify the diverse demands that our clients face.

This is why [A] is focused on developing resources to integrate marketing assets and technical documentation, and educating marketers about the tools and processes needed to start building intelligence into content systems. We will work together to provide the content assets that add value to your customer experience in 2018.

Here are [A]’s Top 8 Resources for Building Intelligent Content Systems in 2018:

  • Article: The Evolution of the Master Content Model - Learn how structuring content within a well-defined content model makes content scalable, reusable, adaptable, and measurable. Make content “technology-proof” — no matter what new social media platform, trendy wearable, or mobile device comes out next, structured content is equipped to handle it.

  • Video Keynote: Evolving the New Content Order - Recorded at LavaCon Content Strategy Conference 2017,  [A] founder Cruce Saunders explores the new content stack and how to future-proof content assets to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer experiences. Gain a better understanding of how to ensure content is intelligent, adaptable, reusable, and fully discoverable by search engines and other intelligent agents.

  • Guide: [A] Guide to Content Valuation - A two-part guide to measuring content marketing ROI, content asset value, and the value of metadata. Gain the tools to measure content marketing ROI and the knowledge of how to unlock the power of content to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve the overall value of content assets.

  • Guide: [A] Guide to Unlocking the Chatbot Inside Your CMS - Learn how to deliver content for chatbots and new interactive channels using the content management system (CMS) you already maintain, and walk step-by-step through the process of syncing, linking, and integrating chatbot content with your CMS.

  • Article: Building an Enterprise Content Model for Chatbots - Don't build or buy an enterprise chatbot without a content model. Learn how to maximize the ROI of chatbots with structured content.

  • Slide Deck: Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation - Gain specific, practical steps to shaping content for a bot-filled world. This 80+ slide presentation outlines the specific, practical steps you can take to shape content in a bot-filled world.

  • Resource Guide: Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation - As a partner piece to our 80+ slide presentation, Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation, this quick guide outlines chatbot platforms used when building content for bots and includes key content engineering resources and tools to start creating content in an increasingly bot-filled world.

  • Online Webinar: Building Chatbots with Intelligent Content - Join [A] founder Cruce Saunders for part of a virtual summit on intelligent agents hosted by The Content Wrangler and Content Rules. Cruce examines chatbots as a new content distribution channel and covers basic chatbot content requirements, components, and construction, and explains how to future-proof content with a content model, making it chatbot-ready.

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