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Content is everywhere in an organization. It is the foundational raw material out of which any department builds customer experiences. But too often today, the way content is created is messy, manual, and accidental. Therefore, attempting to introduce strategy, structure, or component-based reuse into such a mess sometimes ends up creating...more mess.

[A]'s research shows that certain organizational dynamics need to be in place before modular content can take root across teams.

Enter the Content Services Organization.

Orchestrating across the practices of strategy, engineering and operations, the CSO organizes content and processes in order to support teams and facilitate the creation of intelligent customer experiences across platforms. The CSO streamlines authoring and improves content management. It gives content strategy an operational reality, and improves velocity, quality, and policy adherence. It’s already in practice in multiple enterprises, and the results of CSO efforts have won over skeptics and earned increased investments.

Let’s get intentional about content. Join Cruce Saunders, Principal at [A], and learn how the Content Services Organization works, and how it drives publishing performance and boosts team satisfaction.

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On the surface, the CSO may seem to be just a collection of people, processes, and standards. However, when directed well it has an BIG impact on getting content FROM many places TO many places. The Content Services Organization is what makes content intelligence possible, and it ultimately delivers on the promise of content-as-a-service.

The CSO brings the three main practices of Content Strategy, Content Engineering and Content Operations together (along with related disciplines), within a single chartered organizational function. By doing so, it ensures content consistency from many authors and sources, and ties together the daily coordination of content across internal publishing teams.

Content is a durable enterprise asset. It’s the intellectual property that runs all interactions with the world. It needs to be treated as the important asset that it is. With a CSO in place, content from different groups may finally become an integrated whole, delivering shared CORE content-as-a-service to the rest of the enterprise, within a product, to partners, and to customers. 

Topics Covered within the Webinar

  • What is a Content Services Organization?
  • Functions of Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations 
  • How CSO defines teamwork and working relationships
  • Examples of how the CSO produces value
  • Benefits of modular content, standards, and coordinated strategies
  • How the Content Orchestration Model ensures success
  • How a CSO can be started on a departmental basis and eventually scale over an entire enterprise

To learn more

Download the [A] Guide to the Content Services Organization avaiable for free to members of the Content Order. 

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About Cruce Saunders

Cruce Saunders is the founder and principal at [A], the content intelligence service, and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World. Cruce and the [A] team work with content leaders, driving change at the leading enterprise content publishers on Earth. Together with clients, they craft the next generation of the content supply chains and publishing architecture that powers intelligent customer experiences.

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