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Managing Content is a Team Sport

Smart teams are actively implementing an organizational structure to achieve successful omnichannel delivery and relevance for content across multiple consumer types and contexts in today...

Cost Savings from Governance and Content Operations

A lack of content governance can create staggering costs that silently grow over time.

The Content Services Organization: Powering the Information-Enabled Enterprise

Discover how content from different groups becomes an integrated whole, and evolves from ad hoc, functional interactions to real, holistic relationships with a CSO in place.

[A] Charts the Content Technology Landscape with Appointment of Maxwell Hoffmann

[A] welcomes Maxwell Hoffmann as Executive Producer responsible for charting the content technology landscape.

What Is Website Taxonomy and Metadata?

Website taxonomy and metadata work to keep content adaptable, customizable and easy to distribute, giving it power over static content.

How Does Content Operations Prevent Wasted Time and Reduce Costs?

Discover the many benefits of adopting Content Operations in your organization and learn how to start on the road to structured processes that enable optimal management of the content...