Measuring Content Strategy Success

Measuring Content Strategy Success

Evidence-Driven Content Strategy: Ask Us Anything

08/10, 10:00 A.M

Most content teams find it challenging to measure project and program success. Where do you even start? With the right framework, data, and evidence-based work, it is possible to improve content performance and flexibly respond to inevitable variations in production.

A key role in content operations is effectively educating and guiding stakeholders about essential components and stages for program success. Learn how you can serve as a trusted voice and content champion – join the webinar!

Some of the issues addressed:

  • When working in a large organization with lots of content, how can you tell what’s working and what’s not?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of a content supply chain for organizations that have complex supply chains with lots of steps and outputs?
  • How do you even measure content? What does success look like for the consumer and how do you report it internally?

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More About the Presenters

Cruce Saunders is the founder and principal at [A], the content intelligence service. Cruce has spent more than 20 years focused on content technology and content engineering. Today, Cruce and the [A] team work with the largest and most complex enterprise content publishers on Earth crafting the next generation of content supply chains and publishing architecture.

[A] publishes articles and videos about how to power omnichannel customer experience with content intelligence, content engineering, and content operations. He also hosts the Towards a Smarter World podcast, where he connects with global leaders impacting content intelligence and a YouTube series to help content leaders spread the word called The Invisible World of Content

Follow Cruce on twitter@mrcruce.

Mirhonda Studevant currently works as a Knowledge Manager for LinkedIn’s Trust & Safety team. Prior roles include Lead Content Engineer, Product Help Content Writer, Principal Knowledge Manager and Lead Knowledge Base Content Developer. Mirhonda earned the first undergraduate degree in Technical and Professional Communication awarded by Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU). She also earned an MBA, with a Knowledge and Learning Management concentration, from Walden University. Mirhonda is an active member of the Society for Technical Communication (, and is also a frequent industry conference participant, speaker, and facilitator. 

Follow Mirhonda on twitter @okkmchef.

Adrian Kingwell is a digital entrepreneur – he is the founder and CEO of Mezzo Labs, a leading British digital analytics consultancy, and of Uplifter, an analytics SaaS platform.

In 2006, he started Mezzo Labs, working from his kitchen table in southeast London. Prior to that he had worked in software sales and marketing for companies like GE and Oracle.

Although Mezzo Labs was originally a digital content agency, writing copy for major corporations, the company pivoted into web analytics and started helping its clients measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing. As the data market rapidly grew, they have gone from providing tagging guides and dashboards, to delivering the enterprise architecture for multi-touchpoint customer experiences.

Follow Adrian on twitter @adrian_kingwell