How much is your content worth?

In the second half of last year, [A] began working on developing a new practice to help clients calculate the value of the intangible intellectual property we all call ‘content’. [A]’s new Content Valuation and Measurement (CMV) practice is now ready to start working with pilot clients.

Content has value, but most of us that work with content in marketing, sales, documentation, support, training, and knowledge management have no idea what that value actually IS. We do not know how to measure content as an asset, and so we continue to manage it like an expense.

Seeking leaders who want to understand content's real value

The [A] Content Valuation and Measurement practice aims to understand what content is worth in real dollars. To kick off this initiative, [A] will work with a select group of up to six (6) enterprise organizations in a pilot initiative. These six organizations will receive an online or onsite content valuation and strategy discovery session, and initial documentation demonstrating the sources of value and ideas for the approaches to calculating that value.

The discovery session is aimed at eventually proving the value of content assets and is used to support the growth of budgets for content creation and content systems. In addition to validating the CMV practice methodology, the pilot’s secondary goal is to develop the inputs to improve a valuation algorithm [A] has been developing.

Proving asset value offers multiple potential rewards

A fully-formed content asset valuation strategy, following from discovery, can:

  • Assign a dollar value to each content asset to measure ROI

  • Quantify content’s impact on audience, and the value of that audience

  • Formulate annual goals and growth strategies for content programs

  • Enable optimization of content asset and asset group performance

  • Assign an asset value able to be reflected on balance sheets as intellectual property

  • Assist in securing understanding and buy-in from management for investments

Read more about content value in [A]'s Guide to Content Valuation.

Request an Invitation

For more information about [A]'s CMV practice or to request an invitation for the CMV pilot program, contact [A] today.