[A] Welcomes Joe Gollner as [A]’s Master Architect

[A] Builds on Its Leadership in Content Intelligence by Engaging Industry Authority Joe Gollner

[A], the Content Intelligence Service, announces the engagement of Joe Gollner (@joegollner) as [A]’s Master Architect and Chairman of its newly formed Steering Board. Joe will support [A] in defining the next generation of Content Intelligence Systems. As an independent researcher of content technologies and techniques, an experienced entrepreneur, and an established industry thought leader, Joe is uniquely well positioned to lead [A] in these roles.

Champion of Content

To the role of Chairman, Joe brings over 25 years of experience as a highly successful manager of businesses, software products, strategic partnerships, research and development investments, intellectual property portfolios, and solution projects – all within the content industry. To the role of Master Architect, Joe contributes a history of designing and deploying award-winning content solutions for customers around the world that include silicon-valley startups, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and global enterprises. As [A] advances content intelligence as the new measure of organizational effectiveness, Joe’s experience in these areas will be invaluable to both [A] and our clients.

Powerful Influencer

As a popular keynote speaker at industry events and an influential contributor to both trade and academic literature, Joe is widely respected for his original thought leadership. He is particularly well-known for helping to define the discipline of Content Engineering and positioning content technologies as a specialized field of innovation. He has also been an active member of several content standards efforts, including the Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support (CALS) initiative in the Defense sector, the Extensible Markup Language (XML), and most recently, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). Related to this involvement, Joe has developed new strategies for managing content representations across enterprise technology landscapes and for integrating content and semantic technologies to realize the next generation of digital content ecosystems.

With the accelerating pace of change across the technology landscape, and the new demands on organizations to modernize how they design, create, enrich, manage, and deliver digital content assets, [A] occupies a unique position in the market and offers a comprehensive answer to these challenges.

Part of this answer lies in thinking about content differently, cultivating a new level of discipline and precision to how communicators collaborate across their organizations to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. Another part lies in mobilizing and integrating the capabilities of the content technology marketplace to provide scalable and sustainable content solutions – solutions that deliver breakthrough value by working with a customer’s current and planned technology investments.

"Joe's deep insights and tremendous wealth of practical experience transforming content operations for some of the world's most complex organizations gives [A]’s clients and [A]gents access to the best original thinking and problem-solving available in the space. We are privileged to be associated with Joe and look forward to extending his groundbreaking work on behalf of [A] clients and the broad content intelligence ecosystem," says Cruce Saunders, founder and principal at [A].

About [A]

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service. In partnership with leading global enterprises, [A] orchestrates content intelligence systems that unify the people, processes, and technology for omnichannel publishing and real-time personalized customer experiences at scale. The patterns in the [A] Content Intelligence Framework support strong returns on content asset investments, streamlined and integrated content operations, and a lean content supply chain.