Maxwell Hoffmann on the Content Technology Landscape

[A], the Content Intelligence Service, welcomes Maxwell Hoffmann (@maxwellhoffmann) as Executive Producer responsible for charting the content technology landscape.

In this new role, Hoffmann will aggregate faceted knowledge about content technology vendors and tools, building insightful resources for customer, vendor, and analyst communities.

To deliver omnichannel content experiences, enterprise content creators and owners choose from a dizzying array of software tools, platforms, and online services. Teams author, manage, and deliver content against an increasing number of digital and analog touchpoints.

The proliferation of content technology continues unabated as publishing strategies come to include personalization, voice, chatbots, marketing automation, various uses of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of Things interfaces, and more. In partnership with the analyst community, [A] clients and partners need resources and reliable research that map vendors, platforms, and tools to the overall [A] Content Intelligence Framework, enabling manageable growth and harmony between technology and process. To that end, [A]’s enhanced content technology analysis capabilities will help content stakeholders everywhere get the most from content technology investments.

One of Hoffmann’s primary goals is to translate the value of content intelligence, and help build balance sheets rich in intelligent content assets, for C-level executives. Senior executives need to be empowered to authorize large-scale initiatives that facilitate low-effort personalized customer experiences at global scale, liberate content from department lock-in, and improve returns on enterprise content asset investments. Hoffmann has helped shape the content technology space through writing, training, and thought leadership for decades, in roles with industry tools leaders like Adobe and SDL. His work with [A] represents the natural next step, moving clients toward enterprise content intelligence.

A longtime practitioner of omnichannel publishing and platform advocacy, Hoffmann is a well-known proponent of clean workflows and standards that identify and transform proprietary formats and "copy/paste farms" into more streamlined, efficient, standards-based systems.

In previous positions with traditional and digital publishers, as well as several language translation agencies, Hoffmann has trained more than 1,200 people via hands-on sessions with structured content and shared best practices through blogs, webinars, and conferences. His cross-discipline customer contact makes him keenly aware of the need for [A] services and the [A] Content Intelligence Framework to bridge content domains between Martech and Techcomm, and other traditionally disconnected content silos.

“Maxwell has accomplished a lot in this space, understands the landscape, and has a limitless capacity to learn. His insight, curiosity, and analytical skills will bring tremendous value to [A] clients and the content community as a whole. We look forward to building a more intelligent future together,” says Cruce Saunders, founder of [A].

“Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed a progressive move away from proprietary content creation or excessively vendor-dependent content deployment solutions. Today’s dynamically shifting customer-demand landscape requires changes in organizations and professional services teams for swift delivery of nimble workflows. At [A], we have just the right mix of talent and experience, and I look forward to the new challenges ahead as we partner with clients to solve real business problems through content intelligence,” says Hoffmann.

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