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[A]’s Top 6 Intelligent Content Picks from the Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) sits at the epicenter of content marketing. Digital marketers and content strategists look first to CMI for practical how-to guidance, expert digital marketing insights and advice, and the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward.

Glad to be the geek at the content marketing party, [A] contributes where we can to the discussion surrounding structured, intelligent content and the strategies, tools, and best practices advancing content marketing today using content engineering disciplines. Here are a few favorite stories that [A] has been privileged to be a part of at CMI.

[A]’s Top Pick

How and Why (or Why Not) to Build a Chatbot

CMI editor-in-chief Marcia Riefer Johnston asks, “How will your competitors lure those curious customers away from your superior content if not with human beings?” The answer? “With chatbots. Friendly, helpful chatbots. Unless you beat them to it.”

Marcia examines different types of chatbots, where they get their intelligence, how they serve our customers, and the value content strategists and content engineers bring to building bots with intelligent content.

This article includes images and data from a recent 2017 ICC talk "Engineering Content for Chatbots, AI, and Marketing Automation" delivered by [A]’s founder and principal content engineer, Cruce Saunders. It also reviews content reuse across the new multichannel content stack and outlines the five basic steps to unlocking the chatbot already inside your CMS.

5 More [A] Favorites

1. New Tech Friends on the Marketing Block

“The more we as marketers take on sophisticated challenges with our content, like personalizing at scale, the more we need to work with technical specialists,” says CMI editor-in-chief Marcia Riefer Johnston. In this article, Marcia reviews the many roles taken on by marketers, including content strategists, content engineers, and data scientists.

2. How Marketing Must Evolve: 19 Leaders Peer Into Content’s Future

The CMI editorial team put this question to the pros: “What do you envision for the future of content from a marketing perspective, and how do marketing teams need to evolve to prepare?” 

This article addresses this question with ideas for building your online communities, reassessing processes and deliverables, transcending individual departments, making content relevant to each consumer, getting friendlier with technology, prioritizing quality, and basing strategies on strengths.

3. Want to Scale Up Your Content Operations? 4 Things to Think Big About [Infographic]

Ready to scale up content? In this article, 2017 ICC conference speakers share their favorite ideas, tips, and tools for scaling content operations. They also address topics, including thinking big about your people, and rethinking processes, strategy, and information systems.

4. Intelligent Content Across the Organization

To what extent is intelligent content applied beyond tech comm? How have those efforts gone? What changes are coming as intelligent content expands within organizations? Content marketing experts answer these questions and share their vision for intelligent content.

5. Content Technologies: How to Realize the Promises and Avoid the Pitfalls

ICC shares tips from the content pros on how marketers can take advantage — or at least tip the scales in favor of — the promises of content technologies while avoiding the pitfalls.

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