Building Chatbots with Intelligent Content

Presented by [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders

Online Webinar

Join [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders for an on-demand recorded webinar, "Building Chatbots with Intelligent Content," as part of a virtual summit on intelligent agents and chatbots. The webinar is hosted by The Content Wrangler and Content Rules.

About the Webinar

Industry analysts predict chatbots and intelligent assistants will overtake traditional web interfaces as the primary consumer touchpoint; replace or augment mobile apps; and completely transform customer service. Are you ready?

The good news is that with some engineering, chatbots can employ and extend existing content repositories. Intelligent content allows us to single-source content out to interactive channels such as chatbots and intelligent assistants. The side-effects may include boosting the ROI of existing content, increasing sales cycles, improving conversions, and reducing customer service costs while improving satisfaction.

Join [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders, author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, and Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, as they discuss chatbots as a new content distribution channel. Cruce will cover basic chatbot content requirements, components and construction, and will explain how to future-proof content with a content model, making it chatbot-ready. 

Attendees learn: 

  • Practical steps to integrating chatbot content elements into your existing content types
  • The various types of chatbots available today and the value they serve as an engagement tool and content channel
  • How to leverage existing content to power one or more chatbots, and practical ways to integrate chatbot components into your CMS structured content types
  • The high-level first steps to building a chatbot-enabled content model

Prep by downloading [A]'s resource:

More About The Virtual Summit on Intelligent Agents and Chatbots

On Demand

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About the Content Wrangler

The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit on Intelligent Agents and Chatbots aims to demystify the world of chatbots and intelligent agents and to help attendees understand the need for change in the way we create, manage, and deliver content so it can be both understood by humans, and processed by machines. 

About Cruce Saunders

As founder and principal at [A] and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, Cruce Saunders bring more than 20 years of experience focused on content delivery technology. His team has delivered more than 300 successful digital and content engineering engagements. Cruce regularly speaks on multichannel marketing, content engineering, content asset valuation, intelligent content, machine learning, AI, cognitive systems, customer experience platforms, and digital maturity. [A] operates in the US, Mexico, and Latin America and serves large corporations, governments, associations, NGOs and other complex institutions.

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