Explore customer experience technology solutions

Explore customer experience technology solutions

Customer Experience Technology Landscape and Selection Process

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The landscape of customer experience (CX) technology solutions is becoming more complex each year. At [A], our Content Engineers, Content Strategists, and Content Intelligence teams regularly evaluate new software and workflow solutions in this sector to help narrow down the plethora of choices and help our clients make more informed decisions. We believe knowledge-sharing is critical to building the next generation of intelligent customer experiences (ICX), so the team at [A] has created two highly informative videos on the customer experience technology landscape and selection process.

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  • Part I:  The Customer Experience Technology Landscape

  • Part II:  The Customer Experience Technology Selection Process

Be sure to check the Video Highlights with Minute Markers section below for an overview of topics discussed during the videos.

Core Discussion Topics

The first video touches on the technology involved with delivering intelligent customer experiences via multiple channels, from authoring through delivery. This involves much more than just content management. Cruce Saunders (Founder and Principal at [A]) leads the discussion that covers what these pieces of technology are, how they fit together, and how content flows through them.

The second video focuses on assessing the current state of content technology, how to determine the value of tools currently in use, and usage of scorecards to determine the best new methods to achieve intelligent content flow goals. Beth Weaving, Senior Content Engineer at [A], leads the discussion.

Video Highlights with Minute Markers

Part I:  The Customer Experience Technology Landscape

03:00 — Customers buy and experience horizontally (on a journey), yet we still create content vertically in various silos.
06:00 — There is still a struggle to move away from a page-centric ecosystem to an intelligent, modular content ecosystem, with omnichannel "content molecules."
08:40 — We actually assemble real-time CX, which encompasses support, documentation, product discovery, and education.
15:15 — Challenges that occur when enterprises get locked into vendor-specific  Content Schemas.
17:00 — The need to transition to a Content Supply Chain mindset.
18:00 — Overview of the future content supply chain.
20:00 — A visual representation of the customer experience technology ecosystem.
23:30 — How content technology drives customer experience through:
  • Asset and knowledge management
  • Authoring
  • Enrichment
  • Publishing
41:00 — Three phases of CX architecture and specific steps we can take to prepare for change.

Part II:  The Customer Experience Technology Selection Process

02:20 — Where are we now with content technology? Inventory of our current state:
  • Content assets
  • Current technology and software
  • Content creation
  • Documentation
  • Governance
  • Workflow
  • Identifying stakeholders
13:25 — How to identify the internal proponents of change within your organization.
14:45 — Gathering requirements: identifying gaps, and determining if we have enough information about those gaps.
15:30 — Research: start by examining your existing technology.
17:15 — Recommended resources for your research.
18:33 — The need to research your existing internal processes and timelines.
20:10 — Evaluate what technology we need and start with requirements: functional, technical, and vendor-specific.
21:30 — Guidelines for prioritizing requirements, plus a live demo on how to use scorecards to measure content flow and narrow down technology selection.
30:50 — Potential pitfalls and dangerous shortcuts during the technology selection process.

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Presented to a group of content professionals curated by Andrea Ames in a webinar series for Content Leaders That Deliver.