[A] 2020 Resource Guide on Intelligent Customer Experience

A selection of the highest-impact Content Intelligence educational materials from [A], curated to empower content leaders in 2020.

As we move into this new decade we are surrounded by evidence of how much the world of content intelligence is changing all around us. In the 2020s, our customers will continue to move towards context-driven, effortless experiences. Personalized messaging will play out across more and more screens. The static compiled siloed website is withering in the face of:
  • Automation and personalization
  • Conversational interaction
  • Voice and chatbot interfaces
  • Recommendation engines
  • Proactive service experiences
  • High-touch premium services
  • Graph-based semantic search
  • Seamless handoffs from channel to channel
Smart organizations are already moving towards new approaches to content and customer experience. So, how do managers stay current, let alone stay ahead? How do we ensure our teams are ready to reach customers anytime, on any device, within any context?
Content intelligence tools and best practices captured by [A] will prove invaluable as content owners and organizations build momentum toward transforming publishing into the 2020s. Benefit from the tips and workflows in these resources, gained by challenging client engagements. 
Here is [A]’s annual updated collection of the most popular and valuable content intelligence resources from the [A] Treasury.
  • Training: Cornerstones of Content Intelligence Video-Learning Course -This new course, filmed live and polished into a powerful series, features deep insights into the [A] Content Intelligence Framework, the Content Services Organization, the Core Content Model™, architectural patterns, content supply chain dynamics, and new Content Operating Models. Watch video sessions as your schedule permits, and use the accompanying downloadable materials for reference and continued learning.
  • Video Keynote: The Next Generation of Intelligent Customer Experiences - Intelligent customer experiences (ICX) combine Content Intelligence and CX technology to create the next generation of personalized relationships between organizations and their customers. We must orchestrate content on an entirely new level in order to deliver integrated experiences across various native content sets at scale. Join Cruce Saunders to explore the next generation of customer experiences, grasp the hurdles on our path to content intelligence, and learn how to start navigating the ever-expanding ecosystem that supports intelligence.
  • Whitepaper: [A] Guide to Mastering the Core Content Model™ - In this informative whitepaper, the content engineers at [A] share detailed insights into the steps needed to construct a Core Content Model™ that can be applied to any complex content ecosystem. Learn more about creating and using this foundational, technology-agnostic model of how content should be structured and referenced across systems.
  • Podcast: Content Superheroes and the Battles They Fight - Interview with Alan J. Porter "Many of these people that are moving the future of content, are fighting in the trenches of a tech comms department or a martech group or have a marketing or content focused function that's buried inside of UX." Many organizations have an unclear picture of the current state of people, processes, and technology used across the organization that drives content operations and customer experiences. 
  • Podcast: Pathways to Structured Authoring: DITA and Beyond - Interview with Patrick Bosek. "Structured authoring as a whole is going to be a combination of formats, a combination of technologies all working together." Enhance structured authoring performance and optimize the full power and performance of your organization's CMS. 
  • Webinar: Explore the CX Technology Landscape and Selection Process -  A double-feature webinar that touches on the technology involved with delivering intelligent customer experiences via multiple channels, from authoring through delivery. Then on assessing the current state of content technology, how to determine the value of tools currently in use, and usage of scorecards to determine the best new methods to achieve intelligent content flow goals. 
  • Webinar: Content Modeling Roundtable 2019 - A panel of 9 thought leaders share fresh insights on the current and future state of content models and related topics. Issues discussed range from how content models help publishers from an editorial perspective to the need for vendor-agnostic content portability. 
  • Webinar: Conversational DITA for Chatbots and Voice Assistants - Learn more about the dynamics and principles of conversational DITA, as well as actual planning steps taken by Adobe and [A] to move towards more flexible delivery of customer self-help. “Conversational DITA” is a term and a practice new to many of us. Chatbots and voice assistants represent yet another tipping point in customer support and technical communication. Chatbots push us to move more quickly down the path of intelligent modularity, and genuinely break free of legacy publishing paradigms. These new deliverables force focus on what is most important with new content deliverables: usability, interoperability, precision, scalability, and adaptability.
  • Article: Structure and Semantics for Context - Content becomes intelligent, flexible, and capable of scalable personalization through structure and semantics. In this article, we explore the role of content structure and semantics, governed by a content model, to reduce friction for both the content’s authors and consumers. 

These resources will guide content leaders as organizations strive to deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences in the 2020’s. [A] is dedicated to supporting every step of the process. Working with a mix of the largest enterprises and most innovative mid-market organizations, [A] covers the Strategy, Platform Engineering, Content Engineering and Operations necessary to deliver next-generation Intelligent Customer Experiences.

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