Schematica: Simplifying Collaboration & Boosting Efficiency

At [A], we firmly believe in the power of innovation to drive meaningful change. As Albert Einstein wisely stated, "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." With a mission to make the world a smarter place, we have made a resolute commitment to investing in innovation and product development.

As a pioneering agency in content intelligence for over a decade, we are dedicated to innovation. We understand that staying ahead of the curve and pushing boundaries is essential to help our clients achieve their objectives faster, outperform competitors, and revolutionize the content landscape. This inspired us to establish our cutting-edge Innovation Labs department in 2018.

Our exceptional team at the [A] Innovation Labs has been passionately working to transform brilliant ideas into practical, game-changing solutions. We have created an integrated suite of products that enhance the seamless flow of structured content between designers, developers, and strategists. 

From complete software solutions to an array of plugins and custom integrations, we have partnered with leading content systems, bridging the gap between content silos and enabling collaboration. We firmly believe that the future of intelligent data and content lies in being structured, compostable, and collaborative. This belief has driven us to develop innovative systems that empower our clients to reshape the way content is conceptualized, created, and shared. 

Our Schematica suite of software stands as a testament to this vision and includes our latest published products. Let's embark on a new era of innovation and transform your content strategy today.

Available Tools and Software

Take a closer look at our Innovation Labs and the tools we have developed.

CoreModels: Empowering Collaboration and Governance

CoreModels tackles the problem of disparate data and content systems that hinder integration, documentation, and collaboration. With its low-code modeling and governance platform, CoreModels provides a user-friendly interface for managing and mapping data and content models across various systems. Its dynamic grids and cards simplify complexity, while APIs enable seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Notably, the CoreModels plugin, C-Mapper, facilitates mapping HTML Content Structures, streamlining the content modeling process.

Create your content models quickly and easily with CoreModels.

RealContent: Enhancing Design Efficiency
Design teams often struggle to work with real content, leading to outdated design components. Schematica's RealContent, a Figma plugin, addresses this challenge by integrating with multiple content systems. Designers can now access structured content directly within Figma, allowing for real-time design with accurate and up-to-date content. By making design components dynamic and synced, RealContent significantly improves design efficiency and composability.

Design faster and smarter with Schematica's RealContent for Figma! Plug into multiple content systems to keep your designs up-to-date.

ContentFlow: Streamlining Conversational Flows

Flow design tools lack integration with content systems, making it difficult to create conversational flows using real content. ContentFlow, a Figjam widget, fills this gap by enabling the design of conversational content flows sourced from content systems. Additionally, ContentFlow simplifies the management of rule-based chatbots within Figjam by compiling the designed flows into a chatbot window seamlessly.

Take the hassle out of designing conversational flows! ContentFlow integrates with content systems to make flow creation smoother.

SchemaFlow: SEO-Driven Content Modeling

To ensure optimal search engine indexing, Schematica introduces SchemaFlow, a Figjam widget that enables users to create SEO-friendly content models. It provides access to suitable schemas from and leverages AI-powered features to support the modeling process. SchemaFlow facilitates the import and export of models from JSON-LD and content systems, empowering businesses to design content models that are search engine optimized and easy to maintain.

Design SEO-friendly content models with SchemaFlow's AI-powered features! Create search-engine-optimized content and maximize your audience engagement.

Visualize for Improved Model Exploration

Schematica's "Visualize for" project enhances the user experience of, offering a customized browsing and visualization platform for schema models. This public CoreModels initiative provides users with an intuitive and visual way to explore and understand the intricacies of different schemas, simplifying the process of finding relevant schema information.

Discover smarter & more efficient ways to explore schemas with Visualize for!

The Future of Content Management is Here

With the launch of these innovative products, Schematica takes a significant step forward in transforming content management. Through improved collaboration, streamlined workflows, and enhanced search engine optimization, Schematica empowers businesses to optimize their content systems, stay ahead of the competition, and deliver exceptional digital experiences.  
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