A Playbook for the Future of Content Creation

As with everything related to content, in order to face complexity, we need to meet our problems with patterns that can change and scale along with the evolving enterprise content ecosystem. 

We would never imagine playing a complex game like American Football without a clear set of rules, regulations, and a governance process. Hence, a playbook of the guidelines and set of proven plans is required. Using this playbook, we still want every team to be able to play the game within those rules as creatively as possible to produce excellence. We want to see the best teams and strategies win, and drive each other towards continual improvement. 

And yet within our organizations, we often slip into having a lot of “free agents” playing without rules, sometimes without even the confines of a field or stadium. The harsh reality is that when we play with content without rules, nobody wins.

The whole process of optimizing the game happens within the context of clean rules and regulations, rhythms, and governance. All of those infrastructure guidelines and parameters make it possible to play the game with infinite varieties, while focusing on the experience and outcomes of the game itself. 

In the same way, we need to build guidelines and policies within our content environments, then build playbooks so we know how individual parts will work at the department and content type levels. We want to leave room for creativity and expression, find time for our authoring teams and originating departments, and incorporate those teams back into a living system.

Enter the Content Orchestration Model (COM), an approach driven by Content Operations to ensure each piece, player, and department are on the same page. The COM is not monolithic, nor is it created just once. It is a living part of the organization’s content ecosystem, just like other relevant tools and methodologies it incorporates and helps facilitate:Content Orchestration Model (COM) showing leadership, governance, facilitation, alignment, orchestration, and various elements like content supply chain and stakeholders.


The Holistic Approach to Content Orchestration

The ever-evolving intelligent customer experiences that we facilitate with content and creativity can work together in concert. [A] has developed these processes, and is supporting clients of all sizes to adopt these best practices. We have experienced first hand the savings, security, and impact of approaching content in a holistic way. 

In this new world, it is essential for content to be modular and component-based as customers begin their journeys from almost any touchpoint across the entire organization, and on almost any device. 

Creating frictionless, personalized customer experiences drives loyalty, and creates a comfortable place for customers to return to again and again.
Content Orchestration Model and Content Services Organization, emphasizing the systematic approach to content operations, involving content strategy, content engineering, and content operations.

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To learn more about the content orchestration model and the Content Services Organization, download the whitepaper or check out the new YouTube series from [A], “The Invisible World of Content” where we explore all of the topics touched in this article.

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