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LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018: Alan Porter Presents

LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018: Alan Porter Presents

"Content Convergence Has Arrived"

06/08, 10:15 AM
Warsaw, Poland

This coming June 8, [A]'s Director of Content Intelligence Strategy Alan Porter will present a talk titled "Content Convergence Has Arrived" at the 2018 gathering of LocWorld in Warsaw, Poland.

"Intelligent content is the foundation of the new age of digital customer experiences, in any language," says Porter.  "As a consequence, the worlds of marketing communication, technical communication and localization are converging as companies need to take a more holistic view of how customers interact with their global brands."

Content is the foundation on which customer experiences are built, be it text, images, video, or audio. From “snackable content” and chatbots, to omnichannel publishing and personalization; everything needs content that is structured, tagged, and authored for content reuse across multiple channels and real-time interaction endpoints.

More companies are taking a comprehensive view of who their customers are and why, when, and where they are interacting with the company, as well as taking note of what they do during those interactions; and content powers each of those interactions. Traditionally, marketing and technical communications teams have operated in silos and have had a separation in leadership, strategies, funding, and decision-making.

In his presentation, Porter will discuss what content convergence is and how companies can best break down silos and position themselves, and their content, to power their digital transformation.

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More About LocWorld37 Warsaw 2018

06/05/2018 - 06/07/2018
Warsaw, Poland
Organized by The Localization Institute and MultiLingual magazine.

About LocWorld 

With an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere that puts newcomers at ease and welcomes old friends with a smile, the conference was designed to provide ample opportunities for networking and doing business. And, with a strong program with multiple tracks and a preconference day of in-depth workshops, attendees could strengthen their knowledge and form profitable strategies. The exhibit hall was designed to be a place where everyone could gather and chat and find out what is new in the industry.

About the Speaker

Alan J. Porter (@TheContentPool) as the [A] Senior Executive responsible for strategic client services leadership. Alan has an extensive background within the industry and has consulted for large, well-known enterprises and organizations. He has helped shape the content intelligence space through his writing and thought leadership. We look forward to building a more intelligent future together.

As the author of The Content Pool, Alan promotes the concept of content as an enterprise asset with real value. He advocates the convergence of content across an organization and the foundational role of content intelligence in harnessing that convergence in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
To learn more about Alan Porter, read "[A] Continues to Advance Content Intelligence Services with Appointment of Alan Porter."