[A] 2021 Resource Guide on Intelligent Customer Experience

A selection of the highest-impact Content Intelligence educational materials from [A], curated to empower content leaders and teams in 2021.

Here at [A], we learned a lot from the swiftly changing content landscape in 2020. With massive changes to the workplace, travel and consumer habits, the demand for responsive,  intelligent content has only grown. Each new day, more content professionals are waking up to the invisible world of content. 

[A] has continued to dedicate resources and educational material to help others navigate and discover this vast, valuable world. To this end, here is [A]’s annual updated collection of the most popular and valuable content intelligence resources from the  [A] Treasury.

Content intelligence approaches, tools, and best practices captured by [A] will prove invaluable as content owners and organizations build momentum toward transforming publishing further into the 2020s. Benefit from the tips and workflows in these resources, gained through  client engagements, online events, and leading practices. 

  • Whitepaper: In the [A] Guide to the Content Services Organization, we cover a framework for orchestrating next-generation customer experiences with multidisciplinary collaboration across the practices of content strategy, content engineering, and content operations. Learn how this practice of combined disciplines can help you keep abreast of the omnichannel content explosion.
  • Whitepaper: Our updated Content Modeling Resource Guide V1.0  provides a useful collection of whitepapers, articles, webinars, roundtables, videos and slide materials centered on Content Modeling and related topics. A major portion of this white paper is a collection of slides from key presentations, giving you an “at a glance” visual guide to important concepts around content modeling.
  • Video Series: The Invisible World of Content -- This series is for anyone that works with content across any organizational function. It's meant to be accessible to executives, directors, managers, developers, and designers in a way that we hope will bridge all the worlds that interact with content. Let's explore the layers of information and knowledge that make us all smarter. Together, let's dive into the invisible world of content. Learn more about the series here.
  • Article Series: How Knowledge Management supports Content Intelligence                                                                                                                                                     
    • Article:  Achieving Smarter Knowledge Management through Intelligent Content -- this first article in our Knowledge Management Series covers the importance and benefits of CaaS-based Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management is no longer only the province of human resources or internal training departments. The wider spread of team members accessing critical internal knowledge has caused a move away from older, “containers.” 
    • Article:  Trends Towards More Accessible Knowledge Management -- in this second article in our Knowledge Management Series, we focus on three trends that are helping mould new KM solutions: Intelligent Content, Semantic Services and Content-as-a-Service (CaaS).
    • Article: Creating an Effective Knowledge Management System -- in this third article in our Knowledge Management Series, we cover steps required to create a new generation KM solution via a hypothetical case study. Direct benefits obtained from usage of structure and semantics are also covered.
  • Article Series:  Engineering Content for Intelligent Customer Experiences -- In this series, we explore and reveal the critical importance of content engineering to ensure effective, seamless customer experiences (CX.)                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Article:  Empowering Enterprise Content with Architecture, Engineering, and Value -- in this interview, Cruce Saunders covers topics including:                                                                                                                                                                            
    • The valuation and sponsorship approach for content organizations
    • The practice of content engineering, and how it fits into movements towards omnichannel publishing
    • The value of content portability across content supply chains
    • The role of content APIs in delivering Next-Generation Intelligent Customer Experiences
  • Article: What is a Content Services Organization? -- [A] proposes a new solution to content engineering challenges: within the context of a new Content Orchestration Model (COM), form a chartered Content Services Organization (CSO) and empower it with durable leadership in the form of three major practices: Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations.
  • Article: Activating Omnichannel with Content Intelligence - Noz Urbina, founder of the OmnichannelX conference, interviews Cruce Saunders, covering a range of topics including the difference between omnichannel, multichannel, and cross-channel. “An omnichannel mindset is moving to an endpoint agnostic, versatile set of content that can facilitate customer experiences regardless of the shape and permutation of the surface that the customer interacts with us upon.”
  • Webinar: Content Modeling for Search Engine Optimization -- In less than one hour, learn the basics and how models can enhance content workflows, content management systems, and the path to structured data to improve SEO performance. Achieve better content findability, power up omnichannel content reuse, and activate Intelligent Customer Experiences. Start on the path to building an organizational capability to build and manage the content models that drive interactions with any knowledge set.
  • Roundtable: Omnichannel Customer Experience Roundtable -- Hear presenters that are the best and the brightest in the field as they share success stories,  tell tales of early failures, and explain the techniques used to make omnichannel content orchestration and personalization initiatives work. 
  • Podcast: Towards a Smarter World -- Listen and learn with the [A] podcast. Available  in via Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Music, Podbean, or here on  simplea.com, paired with full transcripts and bonus material. Explore a wide-range of topics via interviews with experts that cover Marcomm, Techcomm, Content Engineering, Content Strategy, Content Operations, AI, ML, Knowledge Graphs, and more. Here are the highlighted episodes from this season:                                                                                                                                                                    
    • Podcast: Content Taxonomy: The Key to Better Customer Experience -- Michael Priestley, IBM information architect, discuss the human element of content taxonomy. How can a company create a content organizational structure that’s useful to the user, and what can we do to motivate the use of that structure across silos? Learn how to build excellent customer experiences at a massive scale while also keeping things user-focused.
    • Podcast: Making Content Strategy Tangible -- Carrie Hane shares strategies on how to have effective discussions and tangible results across silos to build content intelligently. Listen to her perspective on keeping the human element prominent in content strategy.
    • Podcast: Digital Policy: Powering Operations, Innovation, and Velocity -- Kristina Podnar, the author of The Power of Digital Policy, explains why policy is not a burden, but a freedom that allows you to create compliant content within safe guidelines. She shares actual case study examples, such as a client who decreased a critical publishing window from 21 days, down to only 3 days.
    • Podcast: Graph Databases: The Path from Relational Big Data to the Future -- Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha draws on his 28 years of experience to provide guidelines on how graph databases provide a workable path from relational big data to future solutions. “Build the architecture so that you can change the backend database from relational, to NoSQL, to whatever else may come tomorrow.
    • Podcast: Unifying Technical Content Sets into a Broader Ecosystem -- In this revealing interview, Tom Johnson of 'I'd Rather Be Writing' shares his experience in working with Docs-as-Code and leveraging technical content sets.

These resources will guide content leaders as organizations strive to deliver evolving Intelligent Customer Experiences further into this decade. [A] is dedicated to supporting every step of the process. Working with a mix of the largest enterprises and most innovative mid-market organizations, [A] provides the Strategy, Platform Engineering, Content Engineering, and Operations services necessary to deliver next-generation Intelligent Customer Experiences.


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