The Changing State of the Content Industry

The Changing State of the Content Industry



Join this timely discussion as industry experts share their front-line perspectives on the rapid evolution of the content technology landscape and challenges faced by organizations today. 

From headless systems, generative AI, and economic impacts to roles, this roundtable hits a wide range of impactful topics. Hear insights on how to navigate the content landscape and set-up your content strategy for ongoing success. 

Our panelists will dive deep into the following core discussion topics: 

  • Adoption and complexity of headless and composable systems
  • Influence of economic factors on technology investments
  • The accelerating impact of AI on content workflows and operations
  • Coordinating content, customer experience, and user experience
  • Confusion caused by overlapping technology categories
  • Importance of new organizational structures and roles
  • Key principles for effective content personalization
  • Pragmatic advice for thriving amidst rapid change

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the industry!

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  1. Larry Swanson - Content Architect
  2. Michael Andrews - Content Strategy Evangelist
  3. Mark Demeny - Content Technology Professional
  4. Nicole France - Director of Content at Contentful 
  5. Cruce Saunders - Founder and Principal at [A] (Host)

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