DITA-Based Content Brings Chatbots to Life

Conversational DITA for Chatbots and Voice Assistants

At the Adobe DITAWORLD 2018 online conference, [A]’s Master Architect, Joe Gollner, co-delivered a compelling presentation on conversational DITA loaded with insights and recommendations gained during an engagement with Adobe. The presentation is relevant for anyone considering a chatbot or conversational user interface solution

Joe Gollner, Master Architect at [A], and Kristen Toole, Sr. Information Architect at Adobe, share challenges and lessons learned during a strategic pilot project to expand Adobe’s self-help offerings for customers. Gollner and Toole’s insights were captured in a recorded, on-demand webinar, which can be accessed by filling out the form on this page. The webinar content is liberally illustrated with useful workflow diagrams and projected DITA solutions for real-time feedback and QA while authoring chatbot content.

Since Chatbots and conversational interfaces have reached a tipping point, we are compelled to genuinely break free of legacy publishing paradigms. Chatbot and voice assistants force us to focus on what is most important with new content deliverables: usability, interoperability, precision, scalability, and adaptability.

Key Takeaways

  • How chatbots and conversational interfaces will impact our content and DITA

  • Why chatbots and voice assistants represent a new tipping point

  • How they are pushing us to move more quickly down the path of intelligent modularity and genuine freedom from legacy publishing models and patterns

  • As a result of these dynamics, we are moving more towards an "application first" view of how content is created and handled

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About the Presenters

Joe Gollner, Master Architect and Chairman of [A]’s Steering Board

Joe Gollner serves as [A]’s Master Architect and Chairman of [A]’s Steering Board. A veteran implementer, he has overseen dozens of content management projects in a variety of industries and in organizations ranging in size from start-up ventures to global enterprises. He has been known to say that he is really a management consultant who happens to be having an illicit affair with DITA. He is a member of the CIDM Advisory Council, blogs as the Content Philosopher (http://www.gollner.ca), and is working on a book about the effective and sustainable management of content and content technologies.

Kristen Toole, Sr. Information Architect, Adobe

Kristen Toole is a senior information architect at Adobe where she focuses on improving the customer experience through automation and next-gen content technologies. As an architect and technologist, Kristen draws from her deep understanding of structured authoring principles and fourteen years of hands-on DITA experience. When she’s not managing the taxonomies that power Adobe HelpX experiences, developing bot-friendly content integrations, or consulting with Adobe’s TechComm product teams, she enjoys reading, getting lost in foreign cities, and handwriting letters with fountain pens.

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Conversational DITA for Chatbots and Voice Assistants