1. Optimize the content supply chain 

The external value that modular content provides often gets the spotlight, but it can be an incredibly powerful internal system as well. Adopting a content model as a universal truth across an enterprise allows:
  • Improved communication and collaboration across departments
  • Shorter production time from content creation to content publishing
  • Allows creation, management of content on accepted authoring standards like DITA, Dublin Core

2. Modular content facilitates content reuse

Rather than teams working in silos and copy/pasting content to save in different  formats, content becomes flexible and easy to reuse across departments, devices, and channels:
  • Improves content findability
  • Eliminate duplication of content
  • Allows efficient content management
  • Makes content responsive, adaptive and flexible

3. Reduce costs

Improving internal workflows and implementing Reduced Cost Iconcontent production processes result  in improved use of resources and driving costs down. And the flexible reuse of content let’s it reach more channels and have a larger impact utilizing these cost-reduced operations.

Learn more in our article How Does Content Operations Prevent Wasted Time and Reduce Costs?

4. Improved marketing results

In today's marketing landscape of multichannel delivery and automation, modular  content empowers marketers in several ways:
  • Publish and update content without intervention from developers
  • Create new localized pages quickly
  • Optimize content and landing pages for SEO
  • Launch new campaigns faster

5. Optimize Customer Experience

To achieve the next generation of customer Customer Experience Iconexperience, content must first be  available for assembly. By utalizing a content model and having structure and semantics working with your content, these efforts produce: 
  • Omnichannel content delivery
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Contextual content delivery
  • Improved localization of content

6. Maximize Customer value 

Frictionless Intelligent Customer Experiences result in: Customer value Icon
  • Higher customer loyalty - customers are 23x more likely to repurchase
  • Higher per sale value - Customers are 22x more likely to spend more
  • Improved ROI - CX leaders were found to generate 1.9x higher return on spend
  • Improved loyalty - CX leaders were found to have 1.7x higher retention rate
Stats from Consortium for Service Innovation presentation, and Forrester Report
Creating and applying a well designed content model is a triple win scenario for business managers:
  • You save money
  • You increase earnings
  • Your customers are happier

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