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Measuring Content Strategy Success

How to measure content strategy success? Join the discussion as experts explore the frameworks, data, and metrics that make it possible.

Personalized Customer Journeys: The Power of Semantics

[A] Webinar on how to use Poolparty combined with the power of content structure and content semantics to create personalized customer journeys.

The Content Supply Chain: Connecting Content with Models and Maps

See a simplified case study showing how to organize, map and model content in a decoupled content supply chain to power personalized customer experiences.

From Warring Content Kingdoms to Enterprise-wide Collaboration

Enter a world of expanded content influence across operations, and travel beyond committees into fertile lands found in shared patterns and standards.

Applying Content Intelligence to Create Better User Experiences

[A] Webinar on combining Content strategy, engineering and operations to create content intelligence for optimal Customer Experience and User Experience.

Modular Content: Enabling multichannel Customer Experiences

[A] Webinar on Modeling Modular Content for multichannel delivery and creating Personalized Customer Experiences


Benefits of the Shared Patterns for Omnichannel Content

See the benefits of implementing the 5 essential patterns for successful omnichannel content delivery.

Unifying The Content Stack

Unify the patterns that matter for content creation and omnichannel delivery .

Structural Standards for Content and Omnichannel Publishing

Explore how content structure allows managing multiple variations of content components that are dynamically assembled as relevant experiences.

Semantic Standards for Content and Omnichannel Publishing

Learn how content becomes intelligent, flexible, and capable of personalization with the power of semantics.

5 Key Patterns for Successful Omnichannel Content Delivery

Discover the patterns emerging in successful omnichannel programs

The Problem with the Old Way of Producing Content

Learn the best way to transform content processes to pursue omnichannel customer experiences.