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[A] Presentations

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Introducing the Content Services Organization (CSO)

Explore the pivotal role and functions of the Content Services Organization

Omnichannel Customer Experience Roundtable - 2021

Join our panel of content experts to discover the necessity of moving towards a goal-oriented, omnichannel customer journey.

Content Modeling for Search Engine Optimization

Watch this free webinar on Content Modeling. Learn to unlock better authoring workflows while improving SEO performance. This and more using the power of Content Models.

Content Modeling Roundtable Part 2

Join a group of industry experts diving deep into the foundational terminology and processes they each use when modeling content for omnichannel publishing.

The Next Generation of Intelligent Customer Experiences

Discover how intelligent content is transforming the future of customer experience, with innovative examples.

Explore the CX Technology Landscape and Selection Process

Learn the latest in intelligent CX technologies, how to evaluate and select tools, and the best new methods for achieving optimized content flow.


Webinar: How to improve CX with Semantic Services

The [A] team will lay out the benefits of dedicated semantic practices and describe where your organization or team can start this proces

Cruce Saunders of [A] tackles Customer Experience “beyond roles and titles” at OmnichannelX

Discover the 5 key patterns underpinning successful omnichannel programs

ConVEx keynote: Unveiling the Free, Flexible World of Knowledge

Cruce Saunders presents a strategic vision and formulas for success at this year’s April 26-28 ConVEx event

[A] thought leaders share Content Operation insights at ConVEx conference

Kit Brown-Hoekstra presents a strategic vision and formulas for success at this year’s April 26-28 ConVEx event

Alan Porter to Reveal “The Heroes and Villains of Content Strategy” at LavaCon 2019

Alan Porter to deliver compelling keynote at LavaCon 2019 on “The Heroes and Villains of Content Strategy.”

Meet Some of the Innovative Content Leaders at LavaCon 2019

Here are just a few of the LavaCon topics and speakers we’re most excited to learn from this year.


[A] Narrated Slide Deck: Evolving the New Content Order

Narrated by [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders, this deck explores the new content stack, and how to future-proof content assets to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer experiences. 

[A] Slide Deck: Engineering Content for Bots, AI, and Marketing Automation

Learn the specific, practical steps you can take today to shape content for chatbots, AI, and marketing automation.