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[A] Presentations

Watch this free webinar on Content Modeling. Learn to unlock better authoring workflows while improving SEO performance. This and more using the power of Content Models.

Webinars / Videos

Discover how intelligent content is transforming the future of customer experience, with innovative examples.
Learn the latest in intelligent CX technologies, how to evaluate and select tools, and the best new methods for achieving optimized content flow.
A panel of 9 thought leaders shares fresh insights on the current and future state of content models and related topics.
Discover how Content Engineering plays a central role in delivering intelligent content.
An opening keynote on how to streamline and automate content supply chains by applying an intelligence framework to an organization’s current content ecosystem.
Gain insights into new application areas for DITA practitioners and learn from real-world projects about some of the common challenges.


Alan Porter to deliver compelling keynote at LavaCon 2019 on “The Heroes and Villains of Content Strategy.”
Here are just a few of the LavaCon topics and speakers we’re most excited to learn from this year.
New Content Strategy track at CMWorld 2019, hosted by [A]’s Alan Porter. See presentations ranging from “Conquering Content Chaos” to “42 Content Marketing Risks.”
Learn the key aspects of our changing content technology landscape and how to enable personalization at scale across these proliferating channels.
How do technical communicator skills expand beyond writing? Learn how the role is evolving in the rapidly changing content landscape.
Gollner and Eberlein of [A] to present on scalable DITA and metadata at the CMS/DITA North America Conference in April 2019.


Narrated by [A]'s founder Cruce Saunders, this deck explores the new content stack, and how to future-proof content assets to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer experiences. 
Learn the specific, practical steps you can take today to shape content for chatbots, AI, and marketing automation.