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[A] Presentations


Measuring Content Strategy Success

How to measure content strategy success? Join the discussion as experts explore the frameworks, data, and metrics that make it possible.

Personalized Customer Journeys: The Power of Semantics

[A] Webinar on how to use Poolparty combined with the power of content structure and content semantics to create personalized customer journeys.

The Content Supply Chain: Connecting Content with Models and Maps

See a simplified case study showing how to organize, map and model content in a decoupled content supply chain to power personalized customer experiences.

From Warring Content Kingdoms to Enterprise-wide Collaboration

Enter a world of expanded content influence across operations, and travel beyond committees into fertile lands found in shared patterns and standards.

Applying Content Intelligence to Create Better User Experiences

[A] Webinar on combining Content strategy, engineering and operations to create content intelligence for optimal Customer Experience and User Experience.

Modular Content: Enabling multichannel Customer Experiences

[A] Webinar on Modeling Modular Content for multichannel delivery and creating Personalized Customer Experiences


Walk-through of an Example Supply Chain

Allow content to move from system to system and across schemas with the Content Supply Chain.

[A]’s approach to help clients optimize customer experiences

In this interview clip, Cruce Saunders of Simple [A] explains the methodology [A] uses to assist enterprises deliver Intelligent Customer experiences.

Introduction to the Content Supply Chain: Stages & Business Case

Move faster in today's omnichannel environment by implementing a Content Supply Chain.

Benefits of the Shared Patterns for Omnichannel Content

See the benefits of implementing the 5 essential patterns for successful omnichannel content delivery.

Unifying The Content Stack

Unify the patterns that matter for content creation and omnichannel delivery .

Structural Standards for Content and Omnichannel Publishing

Explore how content structure allows managing multiple variations of content components that are dynamically assembled as relevant experiences.